When we aim to grow our business in 2016, more than ever, it is necessary to define a clear management process …

For this, different questions must be addressed upstream:

  • Your vision: what do you want for your business?
  • Your values: what are the values ​​you want to highlight?
  • Your methods: what are the keys to achieving your goals?
  • The obstacles: what are the factors limiting your progress?
  • Statistics: what measures do you have to carry out your route plan?

Now that you’ve defined this famous road map, let’s take a look at the best practices to increase your company’s growth.

Freeing up time is a key success factor

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It is no secret that the development of an SME in 2016 is a perpetual exercise in acrobatics, often perilous.

Among these, business management occupies a large place and prevents many managers from concentrating on growing their business.

This is how technology can help you, especially through management software. They help you save precious time:

Helping you make consistent and effective decisions

Efficiency should be a priority in managing your teams. Your employees are not robots, minimizing the risk of errors by offering them a work environment consisting of a CRM to optimize customer relations is a good practice. With it, you can automate simple tasks and gain substantial productivity.

By storing corporate data in one place

As much, at the start of activity, the data stored on disconnected spreadsheets or a personal mailbox remained manageable, as much if you plan a real growth of your company, you will quickly waste an enormous time in the search of data. And you will surely lose part of it along the way. CRM solves all these problems thanks to its ability to centralize any data that passes through your company.

Keeping your teams up to date

Even if you run a small business, chances are your employees won’t all be in the same room 24 hours a day. To keep everyone up to date, the discussion threads solution will quickly become obsolete, especially when a new person is added, it quickly becomes unmanageable. The CRM makes any important discussion or remark accessible in real time, regardless of where you want to view the information.

By empowering each of your employees

Using a CRM makes every action transparent within your company. You can then easily consult the progress per employee and define the time required and the means implemented by each to reach the objectives set. This induces a better perspective and greatly facilitates the implementation of measures to correct the current strategy.

By stimulating collaborative work

The saying is well known: “Unity is strength”. It has never been more true than within a company, and especially when it seeks to grow. The CRM will streamline the exchanges within your team, and you will be able to process each project on which you have to work faster. You will go from a situation where each member of your team is isolated and has to inform others so that the work progresses, to a situation where everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Discover a comprehensive guide to business management to learn more about the things you will need to consider.

Know the right people to support your growth

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Who says growth, says hiring. We tend to neglect this aspect, but it is not enough to increase our workforce to grow our business proportionally.

An important key to the success of your growth is to have this ability to choose the right people to participate in your adventure.

This fact is confirmed by this BCG study available here, explaining the strong correlation (0.92) between a company’s financial performance and its HR capabilities.

Recruit people who believe in you

You have already defined the values ​​of your company in the questions that were asked in the introduction to this article. Now hire people who share these values ​​so that they are not given simple tasks, but missions that will be taken to heart and carried out with the greatest motivation.

Solicit the creativity of your employees in order to engage them

The people who know the best between your company and the market are probably your employees. So never hesitate to call on them for innovative ideas, pearls often come out. Many companies have grown exponentially by implementing ideas directly inspired by their employees. In addition, an employee will always feel more involved and receptive if he knows that his ideas are valued within the company.

Value the work of your employees

There is no better employee than a happy employee. Respect his work, value his efforts and give him credit at his workplace, he will give you back a hundredfold. If you can get your team to work in perfect harmony, then you’ve maximized your productivity.

Develop a unique relationship with your customers

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In order to prevent the good relationships you have always had with your first customers from falling apart as you grow, you have no choice: you have to rethink your relationships in order to keep a unique relationship with each client, regardless of their number.

Adopt a connected vision

Your customers are probably connected 24/7 thanks to the Internet and their smartphones. You must adapt by putting at the center of your concerns their needs, their desires, and their desires. Not satisfying a customer knows very quickly and spreads at a crazy pace. To grow with ease, you will need to satisfy each of your new customers. This is how the new connected world will become a lever for your business.

Be “social”

You will not be able to escape platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. First make sure that your products and / or services are present on the platforms that interest your market, and start using a platform allowing you to manage all of your social accounts so as not to miss any request from a customer. It is possible to establish a very strong bond with your audience, do not deprive yourself of it.

Be a good listener, stay up to date

You have to be able to identify the needs of your customers. For this, effectively monitoring what is happening on social networks, but also on news sites is essential. When your company comes into contact with a customer during a discussion, it must be able to know what they want and quickly provide them with a relevant response.

Adapt your message to the right target

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter give you the ability to create targeted campaigns based on needs, demographics, geography and many other criteria. Do not deprive yourself and promote this type of campaign in order to be relevant and to personalize your company’s message for the right target.

Create a commitment to your brand

Distribute quality marketing content regularly through your website and / or blog. You will give an active and modern image and your customers will get involved by sharing this content in order to attract new supporters of your brand.

Developing growth for an SME is a long and tedious exercise. It requires freeing up the time necessary to implement its strategy, surrounding yourself with the right people in order to pull in the same direction. This will also help to improve customer relations, especially since the number of customers is increasing rapidly. Several tools, including CRM, exist to help you achieve this moult and maintain quality service despite the increase in requests.

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