▷ Better understand your data to effectively manage your activity with Weenove #StartupDuMois Episode 9 2020 -

In the era of big data, it is no longer worth remembering that data and its proper analysis are essential to effectively manage its activity. The co-founders of Weenove understood this well and created together a tool allowing everyone to easily analyze a multitude of data by creating reports tailored to their activity. The result: Weenove, a simple and effective tool for breaking through the data jungle…

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3 questions to the startup “Weenove”

Hello Jérôme, can you introduce “Weenove” to us?

JEROME MORIZOT “Weenove is an innovative Bordeaux company, editor of Biwee software, specializing in Business Intelligence. Weenove breaks the traditional codes of the sector via an innovative approach to business intelligence with its tool for access, preparation, synthesis and visualization of data. In just a few days, our customers benefit from tailor-made dashboards connected directly to their software, files or even their websites in order to unlock the potential of their data. ”

Our video approach:

How did the idea for this project come about?

The 3 co-founders met a few years ago while working for an editor in the wine world with significant activity in the development of specific professions. Many customers regularly wanted reports, reports which required hours of coding … The idea came to develop a tool that can automate this process and make users autonomous … After courses in consulting companies and / or in quality of entrepreneurs, the 3 co-founders found themselves and Biwee was born in view of the market opportunity, the start of big data and its exploitability with a strong desire to break the market codes with a “practically practical” approach turned result and user friendly.

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

Many actions are underway, including the launch of a predictive version of Biwee at the end of 2016 following support of € 180K by the Aquitaine region on Affiliate’s Prediction, an innovative project on the performance of affiliate campaigns. A partnership with ERDF Ile de England and Aquitaine is also underway: we already have more than 200 users who test and appropriate Biwee.

About Weenove

9, Rue André DARBON – 33 300 BORDEAUX – [email protected]

Social networks: Twitter @Weenove – Linkedin: Weenove

Website: www.weenove.fr

Open stand proposed by the Weenove startup

Talking about “user friendly” is more and more common among publishers and everyone is compelled to take care of their quick handling, their ergonomics … Weenove, by breaking the codes of Business Intelligence, is turned result and sets the expectations of end users at the center of its approach and in particular from the needs assessment which is often done with the ISD. Our watchword: to make Weenove a major player in UX (Customer Experience). With us, this translates concretely through:

  • The implementation of the Extraordinary Customer Experience (ECE) at each stage of our processes. What is ECE? It starts from a mathematical formula: (P-A) xE: (Perception – Expectations) x Emotion. It is for us always to ensure that the Perception of our product and relationship is greater than the Expectations of our customers while generating an Emotion! This is my leitmotif as a marketing manager and it involves respecting internal processes, raising awareness from product design, file follow-up, communications …
  • The “empty chair”. Whether internally or externally with our customers, whether during an R&D committee, a point with the CIO of one of our future customers, there is always an empty place around the table to remember that every decision has a “user” impact. Let’s take an example: internally at Wennove, during steering committees on our Biwee product, a place is left free around the table. Before even validating the modification of ergonomics, the implementation of a new functionality … the teams wonder about the impact on our customers and / or prospects: what will be the perception, the rendering, this corresponds it to customer expectations, validation of perception in view of expectations …

Today, the customer experience is essential in the strategy of each company and makes a difference. Digitization, uberization, the attraction of customers to seek a maximum of information on the Internet, in particular makes ECE at the heart of differentiation!