▷ Big promotions at Udemy: all training at 10 €: our digital selection 2020 -

What if you take advantage of the last calm days of August to boost your knowledge before the start of the school year? This is the moment because Udemy offers all its training courses until August 31 for € 10. I have selected the most interesting training courses for you!

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Training to launch your startup

Do you want to embark on this great adventure of entrepreneurship? Take a look at these three courses:

Startup Tour Training: Understanding everything about startups

This training will help you turn your idea into a project, avoid beginner’s mistakes, use the right tools, choose your partners well and convince investors. Even if you have already started, the training will offer you resources to go further.

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Business Plan Training

Boost your business creation with a concrete business plan. The benchmark training for Alex Genadinik, an American entrepreneur, has been translated into French. Ideal if you do not master the language of Shakespeare 🙂 Know your market and set up your business plan.

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Effective PowerPoint training: be visual to be impactful

What would a good business plan be without an excellent PowerPoint presentation? Be visual and impactful in your presentations thanks to the method proposed in this training.

Goal : capture and above all keep the attention of your audience.

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Training to develop its visibility and turnover on the Internet

And now, here is a selection of training courses to boost your communication on the Internet 🙂

Facebook Ads Training 2017

Facebook is constantly evolving, in this training, you will learn the methods that are currently working on Facebook! The startup method allows you to improve your visibility, to launch successful advertising campaigns, to target the right audience and above all to stand out from the competition.

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Digital Marketing Training: the basics

digital marketing training: the basicsIf you are new to web marketing, this training will give you a first overview of this field! You will learn to optimize your online visibility thanks to the various digital levers (SEO, SEA, etc.). You will understand how digital marketing is evolving today.

This training is offered by Matthieu Thomas, consultant in digital solutions.

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Marketing and social media: the complete guide

social media marketing training/>Entrepreneur and specialist in digital strategy, Mathieu Blanco, offers you, through this training, to understand the functioning of social networks and to define your social media strategy. On the program: defining your social media strategy, implementing advanced options on each of the social networks, carrying out advertising campaigns, launching a blog and much more.

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Growth Hacking training from A to Z

/>Growth hacking is definitely in the air. It seems essential to me to have at least notions to develop its communication today. This training in 16 sessions will give you all the keys to boost your audience thanks to the ingenious growth hacking techniques. The training is given by Sébastien Tissier, Adwords consultant, for 15 years in marketing.

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Google Adwords: discover and improve

An essential acquisition lever, Google Adwords allows you to promote your activity while precisely controlling your acquisition costs. This training will teach you how to create, optimize your campaigns and boost your return on advertising investment. It is taught by Vincent Chomier, web strategy consultant.

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Google Analytics training

alt=”google analytics training” width=”200″ height=”118″ />This training will allow you to effectively use Google Analytics and set up your key indicators, your personalized objectives and much more. Like the previous one, this training is given by Vincent Chomier.

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Other interesting promotions

Go take a look at Udemy, to see all the other training offered as part of this promotion, you have for example the following topics:

  • Communicate effectively with the Process Com;
  • Create an E-commerce that CARTONNE in Dropshipping;
  • Create an e-commerce site with Shopify and Drop Shipping;
  • Create your E-Commerce website without being a web developer;
  • WordPress – The Complete Course;
  • Data Sciences from A to Z.

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