▷ Blackhat and E-commerce SEO conference in Lille 2020 -

If you are on the side of Lille on Thursday March 11 at 6 p.m. and you are interested in the subject of SEO, consider going to EuroTechnologies where a conference on SEO BlackHat is organized. In the speakers you will find Aurélien Bardon and Mathieu Gheerbrant two SEO experts …

Black hat techniques are rarely featured in conferences. If you are interested in the subject, registration is free, no reason to hesitate.

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Here is the presentation of the conference:

Seo BlackHat and E-commerce

SEO on search engines remains the sinews of war for all websites, whether through the promise of inexpensive natural SEO, or through the use of Google Adwords, for example, to generate traffic… All SEOs will tell you: there is not a single SEO technique, positioning on search engines, but many… It is clear that it is just as possible to be well positioned on a keyword using a technique, than to do it with another technique…

There is, however, an obscure side to SEO SEO BlackHat, aiming to position a site by any means on a request… We hear everything and its opposite on SEO BlackHat, what does this technique really consist of?… Who are these aces of bypassing search engine rules?… How can an e-trader use these techniques or not? What are the risks?

A presentation of SEO Black Hat will be made and the presence of merchants at the event, who do not do SEO Black Hat will show that we do not have to do SEO Black Hat to stand out well on requests or target keywords.

Black Hat SEO contributors:

  • Aurélien BardonSEO expert who worked in an agency and who launched its structure a few months ago in the Nord – Pas de Calais region
  • Mathieu Gheerbrant – SEO expert who has done Black Hat and is launching an e-commerce activity


  • Jean-François Detout – manager of www.canape-inn.com
  • David Ly – manager of www.toutallantvert.com

A 100% practical conference, accessible to all and open to debate, which will take place on Thursday March 11 at 6 p.m. at EuraTechnologies (165 avenue de Bretagne in Lille).

To register, go here: Digiport.