▷ Blogging: 8 Trends To Follow For 2018 2020 -

I don’t know if you noticed, but every time you change the year, there is a strange phenomenon that occurs in the world of blogging: we are seeing predictions. Each new year, soothsayers come out of their cave and begin to foresee the future…

And we see tons of items popping up like this:

  • “The 7 main trends in social networks for the new year”;
  • “The future of web marketing”;
  • “Will blogging die in 2018? “.

I will be frank with you: I do not like these articles.

There are two reasons for this :

1) Very often these articles are written by people who know nothing about it: they write on the subject, because they know that it is a subject that is going strong, and they take the opportunity to have a little more visibility.

2) And very often too, these articles do nothing. They are hollow and always repeat the same things. In fact, they remind me a little bit of packets of crisps: a lot of blah, and very little content.

These items are like packages of crisps: a lot of wind for very little concrete.

So yes, reading me, you can think that I have gone mad.

Because I am denigrating the “Predictions” articles, and I am writing an article entitled “Blogging: 8 trends to follow for 2018”.

Why am I doing this ?

Let’s tell you: the article I’m going to present to you today is different from all the “Predictions / Trends” articles you’ve read so far.

You see, I’m not going to tell you that you have to start Facebook Lives or that you have to install a Facebook chatbot on your site, just because it’s fashionable, and everyone is talking about it ( pity).


Instead of telling you about fleeting fashions, I’m going to tell you about the basics of blogging.

I’m going to present you 8 principles of blogging that have been there for years, that have worked for years, and that will still work for years.

These principles are the big trends in blogging 2018, and I’ll show you why you should seriously consider using them on YOUR blog.

Let me introduce you to this first principle …

First principle: Personality

14 million. This is the number of blogs that exists, and only in England.

And even ! This figure was published in 2011. Seven years later, one can easily think that this figure has doubled, even tripled.

Why am I talking to you about this? Because I want you to realize that you are not the only blog that your readers are reading: you have huge competition.

If you want to stand out from this huge competition by your side, you have no choice: you have to inject your personality into your communication.

You no longer have to be a simple blogger among the mass of bloggers that exist… you must become a brand.

In this way, you will mark the minds of your readers with a hot iron. They will remember you, and they will follow you. Not just for your advice and info, but for you. For what you are.

This is how you get a loyal community around your blog.

And the best part is, you don’t have to have a strong personality to do that. You just have to be yourself:

  • Say the things you think;
  • Write in your own words;
  • Find your own tone;
  • Tell your bad jokes.

Write with your guts, your heart, your soul.

Not only will this set you apart from the competition, but it will be 10 times funnier to grow your business like this.

Because you will be you, and it feels good. You will have an authentic business, which resembles you, which has your values.

And then there is another huge benefit when you are on your blog yourself: you are going to attract the RIGHT people.

The people who look like you. People who like what you do.

In short, by being yourself, you will no longer just attract simple readers, but real fans who will follow you to the end of the world.

And that makes all the difference in the development of your blog.

Next, you need to couple this personality principle with another principle if you want to attract the right people to your blog.

This principle is as follows …

Second principle: Write on the RIGHT subjects

This is certainly the most common problem I have with bloggers who are just starting out: they don’t write on the right topics.

What do I mean by “good topic”? It’s simple: it’s a topic that will appeal to your readers. Point.

We don’t care if you like writing on the tomatoes in your grandfather’s garden. If your readers don’t want to read content on the tomatoes in your grandfather’s garden, this is for NOTHING.

At some point, you have to ask yourself the right questions: do you write for yourself?

Or are you writing for your readers to develop your blog and make it a real business?

If you are in the former case, there is nothing wrong with that. But you may be better off writing your ideas in a journal, because posting them on a blog is pointless.

And if you are in the latter case, then you must integrate this truth, and act as an entrepreneur.

Find what your readers are obsessed with, and write about it. Write about the fears, frustrations, desires, and dreams of your audience.

These are the subjects that will allow you to produce viral content, and therefore to develop your blog.

Look, a stupid example: why do you think I wrote this article on this topic of trends?

No, I didn’t wake up one morning and say, “Well, I’d love to write about blogging trends myself” while drinking my coffee.

It’s because I’ve done my homework, and researched what CWT Advertising & co’m readers liked.

So, when I saw on the editors’ Facebook group that the most shared article in January was “Social networks: 6 trends to follow for 2018”, I knew I was holding my topic, and I wrote above.

Quite simply.

And I advise you to do the same.

Hold on: I’ll even give you the most effective ways to get into your readers’ heads and write about the right topics every time:

  • Look at your most shared articles: see if a topic comes up among these articles. If yes (which is often the case), produce more content on it;
  • Send a survey to your readers;
  • Call them directly: if there are readers with whom you interact regularly, call them. Ask them to spend fifteen minutes with you on the phone like that, without selling anything to them. Just to help them and learn more about them. It’s not something usual for bloggers, but it’s just by doing what others are not ready to do that you will stand out.

Here, I even give you the exact email script to send. This is the SAME message I send to my readers when I want to have them on the phone:

Hey (name of your reader),

Tell me, I was wondering: would you like to spend 15 minutes with me on the phone, live?

Like that, just to speak. I have nothing to sell you: I just want to learn more about you and your situation in relation to (subject you were discussing with this reader)

A +


And if you don’t have readers, that’s no excuse either! You can always get into the minds of your future readers by hanging out on the forums, or by looking at the most shared articles of the big blogs on your theme with BuzzSumo.

You will see what the readers of your topic like, and you will know how to attract them.

There you have no more excuses. Now you know how to get inside your readers’ heads to find out what’s important to them and what obsesses them.

This will allow you to produce powerful content that will grow your blog at high speed.

In the meantime, I’m going to tell you about the 3rd essential principle of blogging that you have every interest in mastering in 2018.

Third principle: Polarization

So no, we’re not going to talk about Eskimos here (polarization, polar … good OK).

Polarization is about attracting the people you want and repelling the people you want to repel.

It is primary in blogging.

Why ? Because contrary to what most experts loudly proclaim, you do NOT want to attract everyone to your blog and have the biggest mailing list in the world.

What you want is to get the RIGHT people on your list. And above all: you want to repel bad people.

Because by doing this, you work to have a qualified mailing list, with only the people you want to attract. Those who like what you say, who will read your content, who will click on your links, and who will buy what you offer them.

And to achieve such a result, you should not hesitate to be polarizing, that is to say:

  • To be yourself;
  • To say out loud what you think;
  • To express your ideas clearly;
  • And above all: to push people you don’t want to see on your blog.

This is what I did by explaining the principle to you before.

As you can see, I was not very tender. I was even able to shake some of you by saying things like:

“We don’t care if you like writing on the tomatoes in your grandpa’s garden. If your readers don’t want to read content on the tomatoes in your grandfather’s garden, this is for NOTHING. “

But I do it knowingly.

On the one hand because it is in my personality to be direct (and I want to attract people who look like me) …

And secondly, because it allows me to attract only the RIGHT people, that is, serious bloggers who understand that they have to act as coaches to develop their blog.

These are the people I want to attract to my blog and my list, and these are the people I want to target.

And I don’t hesitate to reject others, who are not very serious bloggers, or who see blogging as a hobby. Because I don’t want them on my blog.

The big bloggers who make a living from their blog and who have loyal readers are polarizing. There are those we love, and others we don’t.

But I can tell you one thing: those who love and follow them are not just readers… they are fans.

And it is by being polarizing that they build a loyal community around their blog, and that they protect themselves from the competition of other bloggers.

Well, by the way, speaking of competition: the next principle that I will reveal to you is precisely brilliant for destroying competition.

He’s going to make you stand out like an honest politician during an election.

Here it is…

Principle Four: Apply What You Teach

Let me explain :

All bloggers give info. But very few bloggers apply the information they give themselves.

If you are in the second case, you will quickly stand out, believe me.

It’s something that I always try to do, in every piece of content I create.

Just since the beginning of this article, I have already applied two of the tips I gave you:

  1. I told you to write about the topics that interest your readers (and I did this while writing this article because the topic of trends was appreciated by readers of CWT Advertising & co’m);
  2. I told you you have to be polarizing (and I did, even if I was a little direct in my writing style).

Applying the advice you give is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from all the other bloggers who just give out info.

By doing that, you are not going to position yourself as an expert (which everyone claims to be these days), but as a leader.

Your readers will see you as that trusted person who knows what they are talking about because they apply their own advice. They will see that what you teach them WORKS.

You will be and your credibility will soar, and your readers will trust you (and that’s good for your sales).

Fifth principle: Promotion

Most bloggers think that it is enough to publish content to get traffic. It’s wrong.

Publishing content is only half the job. The other half is to promote your content.

You’ll get traffic by taking matters into your own hands and showing the world that your article exists. Not otherwise (unfortunately).

If you want to know how to promote your content in a smart way to increase your traffic, you can read this other article that I wrote for CWT Advertising & co.

Principle Six: Quality Content

I just told you about promotion, because it is essential for the development of your blog.

But know one thing: no one will share your article if it is not good, especially today, with the ton of content on the web.

Quality content is the main pillar of your blog. Without it, you will not be able to have big traffic and big sales.

This time, there are not 36 solutions:

  • Either you publish hollow articles like those that everyone writes and that bring nothing to people;
  • Either you make the effort to produce quality content, which brings a fresh sale to your theme and which truly helps your readers.

It’s for you to see.

Principle 7: Guest articles

Some say that patience is a virtue … I can’t find it.

Do you want a raise? Show your boss that you are worthy of it and learn the basics of salary negotiation.

Do you want to find the woman (or man) in your life? Go out more often, work on yourself and provoke meetings.

Want more traffic? Go get it. Put in place a real strategy that allows you to attract traffic constantly.

One of the best strategies I know of? Guest articles. Without a doubt.

Guest articles are the best way to develop a blog and increase traffic, especially for young bloggers.

This is why I wrote a comprehensive guide on the subject recently.

It is over 9000 words, and teaches you everything (absolutely EVERYTHING) what you need to write great guest articles that will increase your traffic and explode the size of your mailing list.

You can read it here.

And most importantly, you can read the last of the 8 principles (which is by the way the most important of all).

Eighth principle: Build your mailing list

Aaah, there we are. The eighth and final principle.

Build your mailing list.

Why is this the most important principle of all? I am going to tell you.

If you want to turn your blog into a real profitable business, you need to make your list the top priority.

In fact, the primary purpose of your blog is to help you capture the email addresses of your subscribers.

Why ?

Because it is thanks to your mailing list that you will be able to contact your readers, retain them, and sell them your products and services …

A well-constructed mailing list means traffic and sales on demand. A simple email to your list and voila.

And don’t tell me about social media, etc. Your mailing list is the only valid option to develop your blog and make it a real profitable business.

This image clearly shows the difference in impact between your mailing list and social networks:

I translate :

  • If your click rate on your mailing list was the size of a normal adult (i.e. 1m78), your click rate on Facebook would be the size of an adult’s toe! (i.e. 4.3cm);
  • And your click through rate on Twitter? Even worse ! It would be the size of a baby toe (1.5cm).

In short, you can see the excess power between your mailing list and social networks.

So be careful: I’m not saying that social networks are useless. I myself use them from time to time. But nothing will ever replace your mailing list.

It is thanks to your mailing list that you will be able to make a living from your blog. Final point.

And that’s why it’s so important that you start building it right now, capturing your readers’ email addresses regularly.

If you want to learn how to do this quickly and efficiently, I have prepared a small guide especially for you.

It’s completely free, and it will show you exactly how to build your mailing list, with a step-by-step method.

It is available by just clicking here: How to build your mailing-list and get your first 1000 subscribed.

Again, it’s completely free.

I find you on the other side. See you soon,