▷ BMW a timeless brand 2020 -

What does BMW mean? What is the origin of the logo? What is special about BMW? What is the brand’s promise? What is the key to the brand’s success? What is the future of BMW in the electric car? Here are some of the questions answered by Baudoin Denis, Marketing Director of BMW England to Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel, Founder of the communications agency 1min30 …

Since the interview in May, Denis has been appointed Managing Director of BMW Hungary.

Personally, without being a big fan of cars in general, I am very impressed by the values ​​of the brand which has managed to maintain consistency over time without aging with its customers. In this regard, I also invite you to watch an infographic on the history of brand logos which naturally incorporates that of BMW. And you what do you think of this brand? Does it inspire you? What do you also think of its digital marketing strategy?