TheEmailing remains an important part of your digital strategy. And compared to other levers like social networks which act more on notoriety, it serves a conversion goal (sale, reservation, quote request)…


Some numbers

Indeed, if we
look at some figures, the email is not dead:

  • 75% of people go to the store to buy a product or service promoted in a newsletter *;
  • 76% of newsletter subscribers claim to have purchased a product or service online by clicking on the link in the email *;
  • Email is the preferred channel for 52% of internet users to interact with brands in front of social networks *.

Take advantage of emailing

You have a database and want to make it grow. How then to encourage Internet users to leave you their email address? Long gone are the days when they left you their address for no consideration… Internet users are now warned, even greedy and interested specimens … ?

You haven’t yet
email contacts? It’s time to start building a foundation.

A collected email address is a long-term lever if you use it properly. You will be able to work with targeted communications and content with high added value (otherwise you may have a high unsubscribe rate).

however to the exploitation of this data. As part of the GDPR, you must
comply with the legislation and the constraints it imposes. The element
more important obviously is not to collect data without the agreement
of the owner of the email address. Visit the CNIL website for
a 1st level of information.

What actions to put in place to convince?

Now that
you are ready to adopt an emailing strategy, what actions to deploy in
priority and what relevant “pretexts” can be used to convince?

Hard to you
give an exhaustive list because the actions also depend on your
activity but you can use the list below as a working basis:

  • Promise of a special offer: a gift, a quiz, a discount with a reduction coupon, a sponsorship offer. The opportunities are numerous and must be planned to take advantage of them and not to enter into a deceptive approach;
  • Invitation: private and exclusive sale, VIP event: Internet users appreciate being treated as individuals who are, however, part of a committed community;
  • Participation in a webinar: webinars have developed strongly around various subjects and are aimed primarily at a professional audience;
  • Provision of a white paper: this action requires a real investment in time. Make sure you have a rich, innovative and high value-added topic before you get started.

The device should be simple, in few steps and few clicks, and the messages strong.

Make sure that the promise corresponds to the reality of your proposal, otherwise you will generate frustration, a negative brand image and a high churn rate!

How to collect emails?

You need create a landing page (or landing page) which will allow you to promote your action with strong and impactful content and to integrate the field relating to the collection of emails.

Emails collected
can then be integrated into an emailing tool such as Mailchimp,
Blowgun or SendinBlue. You will then only have to design the

How to promote the device?

You have at your
several levers that allow you to redirect to your
landing page:

  • Your website;
  • Your social networks (organic and sponsored posts);
  • Partner sites and blogs.

In summary

Do not neglect email, which is both a communication and conversion tool. Be inventive and offer your future database a real reason to leave you their email so dear to them…

* comarketing-news, Aberdeen Campaign Monitor, Chief Marketer, DMA