Marketing project management can take several forms: depending on whether you are with the advertiser or an agency, whether you work alone or in a team, whether you deal with everything in-house or whether you outsource… However , there is in all cases a common point: it is a series of very diverse activities that one must carry out to meet one or more objectives

At Planzone, the Marketing Manager uses the tool every day to order all of his actions. She also designed a Marketing project model to give you an overview of how to use it and save you time in building your project.

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Based on your daily life, here is how you could manage your Marketing projects with Planzone:

The key word of Marketing project management: Organization

Between actions for SEO, SEA and SMO, emailing campaigns, partnerships, website management, inbound… You can quickly get overwhelmed by the number of tasks to be carried out. To organize yourself well and make sure you don’t forget anything, think about the types of actions you take, alone or with others, and create thematic lists which you then divide into sublists (called Activities and Sub-activities in Planzone).

Example :

marketing project management

All of these “activities” and “sub-activities” can have a start and end date. These constraints must be defined in Planzone’s schedule. Internally, we don’t really use it but it can be very useful if you have projects that include interdependent tasks and a specific deadline. We are thinking, for example, of preparing for an event or launching a new product.

Activities and sub-activities can also have milestones. This is a significant event in the project: the delivery of a document, the launching of a press release, etc. They are represented by flags, the color of which varies according to compliance with the project.

marketing project management

Once you’ve defined your lists and sublists, organize all your tasks there. They should include those that you treat individually or collectively and those that you assign to other people.

Task creation is very simple in Planzone and easily replaces sending an email..

  • Subject> Task name
  • Body> Comment
  • Recipient (s)> Assignee (s)

You will also be able set a deadline, priority level and attach a tag, document and comment. Here is an example:

marketing project management

Marketing projects also involve knowledge and document management

You know it well, there are a wide variety of documents in Marketing project management: PowerPoint or Photoshop briefs, blog articles, web banners, newsletters … Just like tasks, this requires optimal organization. With Planzone, you will be able to store, classify and find them easily by associating tags with it:

marketing project management

You can also create several versions to recover the old ones in case of error and add comments to them to give more information on the content of the document.

Another tool that can be useful for Marketing project management is the Wiki. You can for example use it as a link bank for identify all the articles where your company is mentioned :

marketing project management

The wiki has the same functionality as a document: tag, versioning, comments.

There are still a lot of tools in Planzone that can help you manage your Marketing projects well: shared calendars, discussions, team planning, reports… But we are not going to reveal them all to you, the best is still to try 😉

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