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Pinterest is gradually starting to develop in England and is a real gold mine for bloggers. If you don’t use it, you’re missing out on a real source of traffic. Besides, I’m going to reveal a little-known tip that is effective in bringing back qualified traffic and that you can use right after reading this article. These are group boards, you know? If you are not completely determined to use Pinterest, I invite you to go see now the 5 reasons to use Pinterest before reading this article


What are group boards?

maybe ask what it is? One of the big principles of Pinterest is
to choose (pin) images that we like in tables that you will have

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As soon as you find an image, an interesting article, you can organize it in a table. This table is yours and only you can put pictures inside. But there are group boards. These are collaborative boards in which several people can post.

The big advantage? People present in the group will be able to see your publication, which should be remembered, may have a link that will go directly to your website. But everyone who subscribes to this collaborative board will also be able to see it! Some tables have hundreds or even thousands of people. So imagine the traffic you can get if you can post in these kinds of tables.

How to recognize them?

Group boards are easily recognizable. These are normal looking arrays, except that there is a small feature.

Like you
can see it, we recognize group boards thanks to this little bubble which
add on the table. Group boards are generally positioned while
bottom of the profile, that is to say below your tables.

How to access group boards?

That’s what interests you, isn’t it? But just before continuing, be aware that you can integrate several group boards. It’s even better. The more group boards you have, the more traffic you will have, because you will be able to publish content in all collaborative tables.

That said, how do you integrate group boards? There isn’t just one method to do this, but I’ll tell you about the simplest approach:

1- Connect to your Pinterest account;

2- Go to “search” at the top left, and type a keyword related to your theme. For example, if you are on the web or blogging on social media, type “social media” in the search bar.

Let’s see two
methods :

Go to the table called “social networks”. You will be able
find collaborative boards as you can see in the image.

Go to Pinterest member called “social networks”.

And go to the biggest accounts (the first results).

Why ?
Because the more visibility and subscribers an account has, the more likely it is
participates in group boards.

After clicking on the profile, go to “his tables” and see if he participates in group boards (often group boards are found at the bottom, below his tables).

Then click on the table that interests you.

Join the group board

That’s it, you searched for “find a group board” via a keyword, you just have to apply to get there.

Read well
group board rules:

In this example, you must post a maximum of 2 times a day, share a pin when you post, contain a source URL and not advertise product sales. But nothing prevents you from putting links to your blog articles.

For the
find, just click at the top right.

Do not hesitate to make several requests. For example, according to my own statistics, out of 10 requests, about 2 or 3 group boards will accept you.

How to post in group boards?

Once your request is validated in a group board, it would be “silly” not to take the opportunity to post your content. As soon as you release an article, do not hesitate to notify the group by posting in the group. Don’t forget to put your article’s URL in the post.

I put you
a little tutorial in pictures, to know how to post in your group boards.

are exactly the same as if you were posting to one of your tables.

Click on the little extra “Pin”, choose your image and click on “Next”.

Put a title, a description and don’t forget to click on “add” to put a link to your website and click on “Next”.

You just have to click on your group board.

Repeat the action several times for each group board you have if the theme is connected. The more you post in different group boards, the more you will reach different people, and the more people you will click on your image to see your article.

In conclusion

You now know how to find and integrate group boards! You will be able to post your pins in different groups and increase your traffic.

Don’t you
do not limit to a single group board.

The groups
boards are a simple and effective way to gain traffic. You do not have
you need to have a lot of followers to be able to join these famous groups.

As soon as you
post an article, feel free to create a post and post it in
your groups.

ODIOT Théo, community manager and blog author:: Social Media Strategy

Instagram: @theo_diot