▷ Boost your business with the ICC method: MSB show 34 2020 -

In this episode of the MSB show, I shared a simple and effective method, the ICC method, to help you boost the visibility of your activity …

Many tips given on the web take too much time, and especially are not adapted to your situation. Let’s change things!

Training & Co'm

In this video, I bring you my help and my advice to develop your sales and your business thanks to Internet.

The ICC method to make you known:

This method is based on 3 simple steps:

1. Identification

Take the time to do a real robot portrait.

2. The communication channel

Too many experts advise you to invest in several social networks at the same time, which I find absurd …

3. Behind the scenes

Show yourself and talk more about yourself than your activity, people love authenticity!


If you want to have a real impact on the web, you have to spend time and focus on an action that you will try to keep in the long term. I noticed for example that the actions carried out regularly brought much more results in the long term. You have to be patient, of course, Rome did not happen overnight. The more persistent could win the bet.

See you soon for a new video!