▷ Boost your transformation rates: + 48% in 15 days [étude de cas] 2020 -

If your spouse or mom is rich in millions, this article will probably not interest you (great: more time to do sports and stay healthy!). For the others, good news, it is possible to earn a lot more with a website by optimizing its transformation process better, even if you suck in SEO !

Because SEO is complicated like worshiping divinity in the days of the Incas. You never know if you are not going to finish on a stone slab with your heart still warm in the hand of the high priest. While the optimization of the transformation, it is stupid as cabbage, and it does not make goat!

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Earning + 48% without knowing anything about it, it’s possible : proof by example

Less is better!

No cheating! we <a href=close our eyes” width=”223″ height=”247″ />Take a nice little site, not too ugly (otherwise it’s really too easy). Watch it for 5 seconds (beware, no cheating). Then close your eyes and say out loud what you remember from the page.

It is done ? So, anything you haven’t mentioned can be removed from the page.

A clarification for those who forgot to quote the catchphrase of the only questionnaire which brings back a little money on the site tested: you can start again by looking at the site for 30 minutes this time, you probably need more time for good soak up things.

A second clarification: if you do not need more time but the “call to action” of the questionnaire is simply non-existent or very well hidden, you just hit the jackpot ! No need to read the rest of the article. Rush to redo the site page by placing a large button “Fill out my form now” in the middle of the page. This will be enough for the moment, and you will probably have a progression record of around 257% on the transformation rate.

Let: the less you put on a page, the more likely you are that the user will see what you want them to do (after that, will he actually want to do it, that’s another story …).

Drawing : Take a small, easy-to-use insurance comparison site. To start, we only removed a line of text at the top of the site.

And boom: + 28%

And boom: + 28% of mutual insurance comparison forms completed!

Really nice this little game, right? We continue ?

Make pages smooth and beautiful like treadmills

Treadmill and MalevitchExcited by the enthusiasm we were going to remove everything on the page, when a wise counsel warned us that it was still better to avoid the white monochrome Malevich… not terrible for the transformation. Ok, so let’s stop there for the moment on “less is better”.

Now, imagine that the site page is a treadmill (you know, the mats that you find in the gyms where you register for the year and you only go twice in the end). Are you running well? Already swimming?

Very well. On a good Internet page, like on a good carpet, one should not stumble. And what makes you stumble? Asperities, deformities and other non-homogeneous anomalies (yes, yes, that’s what you say when you are an authorized expert recognized by the highest scientific authorities).

Drawing : saddened by a change in font size and color on a sentence appearing below the menus, we have “coursed carpet” this sentence, taking the opportunity at the same time to replace the text with the most direct “mutual comparison health: compare prices simply ”.

Phrase Course Mat

So what about the results? Patience, we incorporated other modifications in our second optimization test.

Tap your “call to action” in every way

Now let’s talk about the heart of the matter: the famous “call to action”. The form’s teaser block is a very sensitive element for improving the transformation rate. And there, as for the first time that we try to seduce a person of the opposite sex, if you don’t know everything, you have to try everything.

Drawing : It’s not about making an orgy of changes either, huh. So, we went there with great tact. As in the 5 error games, I let you guess all the modifications we have made.

Game of the 5 errors

Ok, I was teasing, in fact there was only one modification, we replaced “type of mutual” by “mutual” (huge, right?). Sorry for those who just spent 10 minutes looking for the differences.

Result of the “carpet of course” and the tampering of call to action: again + 16% on already improved health forms!

And a little 16% more

Or in the end after these 2 iterations: + 48% for 15 days of tests (for those who think that I am calculating incorrectly, I await your comments;)

And how are these 2-page comparison tests carried out?

It’s very simple and it’s free thanks to Google Analytics.

Go to “Standard reports” then to “Content” and you will then find “Tests”: all you have to do is “create a test” and load your alternative page (the one supposed to improve your transformation rate). Simmer a few days or weeks depending on your traffic, and it’s ready.

2 things to conclude

  • I promise, if many of you ever ask for it, I will offer you an article with a pretty, rigorous method (with lots of cool tools) to optimize your conversion rates even more systematically;
  • Attention, Big Game Contest : a coffee-croissant to be won (unfortunately only in Paris, sorry for those who live further away, this kind of price travels badly by post) for the one who will suggest the most interesting (or funny) improvement to test on our mutual health comparison site.

Do you have other magic rules that can improve transformation? Tell us quickly in the comments!

And to finish by turning your brain completely around, here are 2 examples radically opposed to all of the above and which however work very well (it’s crazy, right?):

The main thing to remember: do not have too many preconceptions and test all you can!