▷ Build customer loyalty through images, it's possible! 2020 -

76 seconds: it is in this very short period of time that the loyalty of a customer who comes into contact with your brand is at stake. An insurmountable challenge? Not when we use the image to create different and engaging meetings. iStock explains how to do it in three steps…

84% of French consumers feel that they are less and less loyal to brands. The proof is that 50% of them have changed supplier at least once in the past year. Does this mean that there is no future for customer loyalty? Far from it: for half of French people, quality interaction is a guarantee of attachment. Engaging, fun or inspiring visuals are therefore one of the keys to capturing the attention of your future consumers. As a result, the promise of income is substantial: 48% of French people are ready to spend more on the brands they like.

Easier said than done ? Not that much. You just have to be methodical and creative.

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Develop an inspiring visual identity

A visual identity is a question of inspiration and differentiation. Your brand must exist through a figurative universe which corresponds to its values ​​while being easily recognizable. For Valérie Fabre, director of the agency “We want meaning! “, Visual branding is the first essential step towards loyalty:” at a glance, its components – logo, graphic universe, artistic identity – must synthesize its philosophy and invite the “reader” into its universe. “.

Think of a brand like McDonald’s that achieved a visual masterpiece in 2013. The poster campaign consisted of close-up photographs without a logo or slogan. The brand was recognizable at first glance. The secret ? Precise and differentiating branding.

Declare your visual identity with regularity and consistency

Consistency, more constancy, always constancy! To develop audience loyalty, keep the same visual language across all of your channels and all of your speaking. In this way, you are building a constant identity that consumers will learn to recognize. It may be interesting to establish elements of graphic stability: color codes, iconography, communication formats. Find the most effective visual element, and decline it over and over again.

IBM excels in this exercise. The brand declines on Twitter a universe marked by a branded blue color. If you choose this option, iStock by Getty offers an offer to simplify the choice of visuals in the image bank. Research can be done by color code: easy, right?

Create visual meetings with new formats

A strong and stable identity is not enough to retain your audience. We must make each of your brand speeches a real meeting. Expected and appreciated, these interactions do not leave consumers indifferent. Editorial images, 360 videos, time lapse: engaging formats now easily available thanks to image banks.

Red Bull was one of the first brands to capture the 360 ​​format. Diving into the heart of a Formula 1 race: the proposition is tempting. 4.5 million views further, the essay is transformed and loyalty ensured. Indeed, this format records a sharing rate more than four times higher than traditional videos.

Inspirational and effective, visual identity is one of the most effective practices for customer loyalty. So what are you waiting for to embark on the adventure?