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It’s no secret that the world is built on relationships. So it makes sense that you want to take advantage of it to get better deals, great prices or just a few favors. It seems a priori simple. However, a professional relationship that goes beyond business can create embarrassing and even disastrous situations!

If you’re considering collaborating with a friend, the fact that there are personal connections must be on your mind. So it’s always better to be wary: affect and business do not mix. I admit, we quickly get carried away by this feeling of comfort and confidence that we feel since we already know this person and we already know how they operate. I don’t blame you for that. It is very easy to forget about potential pitfalls, but (and there is always a but) I strongly advise you not to venture into them for the sake of your business.

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You will never be a priority in his business!

It usually starts this way: you are a business owner or workz for a startup that sells a product or service. You want to outsource some work instead of recruiting staff internally because … well … you want to save money or just don’t have the budget. Ah, that’s good, your friend offers just the services you need. As you know each other well, he helps you in good faith and offers you half the price of these services. Very nice, right?

As a good professional as you are, you have created an agreement with all of the “who is responsible for what” then you continue on your way, very confident and serene. But once the deadline arrives, you still have no return. (Very) understanding, you wait a few days, a few weeks … and always NOTHING. Suddenly, all your orders are delayed, and on your side, you are quickly buried by additional work. Your whole schedule is turned upside down.

Whose fault is it ? This is not the question. Remember one thing in this type of relationship: you are clearly not a priority for your friend. And guess what, you’re never going to be. Why ? Well, you paid half of what other customers offer for the same service, it’s that simple.

On the other hand, your friend thinks that you can’t fire him … and you probably won’t

And lo and behold, it got worse. Because you have a personal relationship, your friend thinks they can always come back to you and give you a (long) list of excuses for why they are late. And since you’re “friends”, you accept, something you would never do if you had no personal relationships.

Your friend will therefore take advantage of this advantage and you will succumb, once again. The emotional side of a personal relationship will always trick you and you will pay for it.

Conclusion: “We reap what we sow”

You will understand, instead of accepting a discount on the services offered, always pay the usual price. This is just one example, there are several situations where you will be tempted to ask for a favor.

So the old saying is absolutely true, especially in this kind of situation: you get what you pay for. If you decide to work with a friend, you need to stay in a position where you owe him nothing. Avoiding special offers and personal favors will significantly save you from performance and business development problems. I know it may sound crazy, but you will both feel better, without any discomfort or misunderstanding when you start on a good foundation … for the good of your business.

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