Today more than yesterday and much less than tomorrow, we are talking about lead nutruring. But what exactly does this anglicism mean? How to set it up? And for what purpose? Through this article, I will try to provide answers to all these questions …

Lead Nurturing: definition

Well known to marketers and followersinbound marketing and marketing automation, lead nurturing remains a vague notion for the “common man”.

First, let’s try to establish a clear, concise and above all “francized” definition

First, what is a lead?

Generally, a lead is a known and registered commercial contact who have shown an interest in what they sell. Which can take many forms:

  • Exchange at point of sale;
  • Meeting in a salon;
  • Request a quote on the internet;
  • Phone call ;
  • Etc.

To further refocus this definition, which I find a bit vague, I offer the following summary:

A lead is a contact whose “commercial potential” is established if not known.

Then the notion of Nurturing

If the literal translation would push us to translate nurturing by “maturation”, I much prefer the notion ” livestock “. In my opinion, it is more in line with the marketing and commercial approach in which we are interested.

For simplicity, we are going to raise a prospect so that he becomes a customer

Lead nurturing is an approach aimed at “brooding” prospects who are not yet ready to buy.

Lead Nurturing is therefore breeding prospects

Once translated and defined, the terms speak for themselves:

Lead nurturing consists in creating and then perpetuating a relationship with prospects still lacking maturity to become customers.

The idea is therefore to support them in their reflections upstream of the purchasing cycle (to raise them …) in order to be in the best position when they are ready to become customers (… until they are mature)!

Lead Nurturing campaign: How to set it up…

Basically it’s pretty simple, you have to contact your leads and offer to start a relationship.

To contact your leads, put the odds on your side with a multi-channel approach:

  • Social networks ;
  • The newsletter;
  • SMS;
  • The push;
  • Etc.

Regarding engagement, you also have several levers (content, download, invitation):

  • A White Paper;
  • A video ;
  • A blog article;
  • A presentation ;
  • An infographic;
  • A free trial;
  • Event ;
  • A webinar;
  • Etc.
lead nurturing campaign
A lead nurturing campaign involves contacting your leads to offer them the opportunity to start a relationship.

But for your lead nurturing campaign to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to respect a few “standards”:

  • Take a personalized approach
    If you know your leads well, you should be able to classify them (by interests, typology, level of maturity, etc.) and therefore offer them really suitable content!
  • Be attentive to the development of your prospects
    As we saw earlier, nurturing involves “brooding” the lead until it becomes mature. It will therefore go through several phases. You must identify them to adjust your speech and your relationship!
  • Act regularly
    To be perfectly anchored in the lead of a lead, you need to publish and share content on a regular basis. The relationship with your leads must be continuous!

… And for what purpose?

the goal of lead nurturing transform your leads into customers
Depending on the level of maturity of your customers, the objectives of your lead nurturing campaigns will be different

The end goal of a lead nurturing strategy is of course to transform a lead into a client.

But as part of a campaign, you need to set specific goals:

  • Wake up;
  • To qualify ;
  • Inform / advise;
  • Seduce;
  • Convert.

Obviously, depending on the level of maturity of your customers, the objectives will be different.

A lead who is not sufficiently qualified will not be sensitive to “an offensive” aimed at converting him into a client …

In the same way, trying to qualify a lead of which we already know everything is not of great interest …

Lead nurturing: the link in a chain!

Mainly used in B2B and in long purchasing cycles, lead nurturing is an essential component of lead management.

It also stems from a inbound logic which consists in bringing the customer to himself rather than going to seek him.

Its implementation is therefore conditioned by the integration of these different logics in the company’s strategy and commercial approach.

If you are attracted and want to put it in place within your structure, this is a global dimension that will have to be given to your project.

lead nurturing in the chain of lead management and inbound marketing
Lead Nurturing is not an isolated approach. It is integrated into Lead Management in a strategy stemming from an Inbound Marketing logic

As formidable as it may be, lead nurturing is only the link in a long and solid chain leading to a client approach that is less promotional than relational. Simply a “more… 2018 approach”!