Setting up a site publishing activity or an e-commerce project does not necessarily mean starting “from scratch”. Buying a domain name or a site and its content has many advantages for anyone looking to get started or develop their network and activities. Here are some advantages to buying and selling a site, as well as the solutions that exist if you have this problem …

Why buy or sell a site?

Let’s start with the purchase

If you are on the buyer side, using this solution has obvious advantages:

What if you sold …?

If we now take the side of the seller, the sale of a site also makes it possible to:

  • Change activity if you want to do something else;
  • To be able to take advantage of work of several months or even years on a site, and thus to enhance it;
  • To allow the site to continue to live after getting rid of it;
  • To give him new chances of development with someone who can bring him another expertise (I’m talking about sites as a whole person … you have to love them, they have a life of their own in the end 🙂)

In absolute terms, this is a market that is of real interest even if the practice is still (in my opinion) not widespread compared to other sectors and certain dormant sites that could offer a second life.

Which solutions?

After the theory, practice. The purpose of this article is also to give you concrete solutions to buy and sell, even though we find in the end quite little information on the web on this subject. Here are several solutions that will suit your situation and your problem.

Market places

Market places have been developing in recent years and have the advantage of facilitating networking, but also the flow of information between the buyer and the seller. We will distinguish two types of market places in our case:

  • Domain name auction sites, such as Sedo, Godaddy or Capnom. Although there are domain names with sites and content, most of the offers are made up of “dry” domain names. It is a good opportunity, but we therefore do not take back either content or turnover and everything is evaluated only (almost) on the value of the domain name (not easy to estimate if we do not know the sector a minimum … );
  • Site sales sites, such as Vente2site, ebusines-en-vente, or Boursoweb. These are undoubtedly the most advanced services in this area and there are more or less relevant offers, with sometimes quite a few details on the sites in question. The big pitfall nevertheless remains the variety of sites present. There are mainly ecommerce, or low-end content sites made for SEO, and which have often experienced the wrath of Google (which explains their sale …).

We can however do good business on these sites, and I advise you not to bury this solution too quickly. The prices displayed on the other hand are often surreal and rather symbolic of the lack of knowledge of the sale of the site on the part of the sellers.

Brokers and domainers

Brokers and domainers are another alternative. We can consider them as “craftsmen” in the noble sense of the term compared to marketplaces, and we can access via them very interesting offers and domain names. They can generally offer two types of services:

  • The sale of domain names they own;
  • Negotiating domain names or sites for you, for a commission which generally represents 15% of the amount of the sale.

It’s a great alternative if you don’t know how to negotiate a domain name or how to go about it. They often bring you real expertise in this area, a real address book, and you will save time. Among the sites that you can request, one can quote, or Domainium.

Direct contact

The last solution is of course direct contact. Certainly tedious and time-consuming (many webmasters sell their information dearly, and it will take patience before finding the owner of certain domain names), but it is an alternative that will allow you to have the owners directly.

On the other hand, it is necessary to analyze the site or the domain name upstream before contacting the webmaster, and best prepare your sales pitch. Because the approach is not the same depending on the type of site we contact. Do not forget either that the webmaster is not necessarily a seller when you contact him … It will therefore probably negotiate, if you have an answer, and then engages in a real game of poker, during which he do not let yourself be influenced or impressed. I also recommend this additional blog post, which takes step by step the purchase of a domain name on the secondary market.

Is there a market?

You see, there are solutions to buy a site. Personally, I still think that nothing completely satisfies all of the needs and that there is still room for a player in contact who manages to reach offers and more qualified sites, thus valuing this second life of sites. And you, have you already experienced buying sites?