▷ [Buzz marketing] The remake of the chicken dance, THE new trend on TikTok! 2020 -

Jack in the Box and singer Becky G team up to launch THE new trend for TikTok: the remake of… The Chicken Dance! This new digital campaign from the American fast food chain launches a new chicken sandwich… And it works!

TikTok, the social network par excellence for creative videos

TikTok is THE social network par excellence for broadcasting creative, hilarious, but truly impactful social videos. To launch its new chicken sandwich, Jack in the Box called on musicians, choreographer and international star Becky G.

Google Loves Me Workshop

This digital marketing campaign unveils the new Cluck Sandwich to the world in a fun way to create unique links with the brand. She chose the remake of Chicken Dance, turning it into THE new trend of TikTok, now major marketing influencers.


The social media campaign kicked off on TikTok where Becky G launched the all new track and the tight, hip moves of the new Chicken Dance. At the same time, she urged TikTokers not to leave their homes and to learn and share the dance on their social networks, TikTok and Instagram, using the hashtag #JacksNewChickenDance.

As an added bonus, Jack in the Box will donate $ 1 to Jack No Kid Hungry’s charity partner – up to $ 100,000 for each share of the new Chicken Dance between December 17, 2020 and February 14, 2021.

Something to inspire community managers, isn’t it?