The place of natural results (SEO) in search results on business queries has dropped considerably in recent years, especially on Google. Indeed, Google is pushing its sponsored results (SEA) through different formats which take an increasingly important place going until monopolizing an important place of space above the famous waterline… But then can an e-commerce site always afford to ignore paid SEO?

Some elements to locate the context of the article:

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  • he is only interested in the case of Google, which represents more than 90% of search in England;
  • the term SEO is used to refer to natural referencing;
  • the term SEA is used to designate paid referencing and therefore Google AdWords;
  • the examples were selected at random, there is no scientific reflection.

SEO: free and stable?

Natural referencing is not an exact science and even less an independent element. When you have a website you must take SEO into account from the creation of your site (ideally) in order to respect the good practices provided by Google so that your site is “adapted” to search engines.

The objective being, in fact, to make your site more readable in the eyes of search engines, which means that the robot must be able to quickly identify what are the keywords on which your page should stand out and in what position in relation to those of competitors it should position it. All this without degrading the readability and user experience of course!

It is therefore important not to believe that natural SEO necessarily means free, because it requires time and often the call to a provider who will have more knowledge than you to take care of your SEO and establish an effective strategy on the short, medium and long term.

Another important element to take into account concerns the SEO stability. If you follow the world of SEO a bit, you’ve probably heard of the famous Penguin and Panda from our friend Google. They represent significant updates made by Google regarding its natural results ranking algorithm. Google indeed regularly updates to improve the quality of its results, and these updates can sometimes have a very significant impact on the traffic of many sites …

google penguin panda

Google AdWords: a rise in power and an incomparable handling?

Google AdWords represents the main source of income for Google, needless to say, Google is therefore constantly seeking to improve and promote its advertising management. Many e-merchants even suffer fromAdWords dependence so important is the share of CA generated by AdWords campaigns. It must be admitted that it is one of the most powerful business and traffic levers on the web on which Google brings all its expertise to improve its efficiency and its accessibility to advertisers.

Over time, the place occupied by sponsored results is more and more important in Google, especially on commercial queries as illustrated by the examples below:

Example: request “purchase black t-shirt”.

black seo sea tshirt

Example: “buy laptop” request

example laptop seo sea

The place for natural results is almost non-existent above the waterline, Internet users must scroll down to have access to natural results.

To take full advantage of the opportunities offered by AdWords, an e-merchant should in particular consider using:

  • classic Google AdWords ads with all extensions;
  • Product Listing Ads from Google AdWords to be able to benefit from the visual display with prices in the right column.

It’s important to remember that while creating campaigns can be easy, mastering AdWords campaigns requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge. Calling a specialist or an agency is therefore far from useless!

So, should an e-merchant focus only on SEO?

SEO remains a solid element that should not be overlooked, but the observation is that it is becoming more and more interesting to use complementary levers like Google AdWords to take full advantage of the engine. Note however that natural referencing centered on the long tail, expressions composed of several keywords, turns out to be always a very interesting opportunity for merchant sites because the place occupied by sponsored results is less important on this type of request. .