As announced by its president Francine Mayer on October 12, Canal + Régie adopts a new name to become Canal + Brand Solutions…

Operational at 1st next January, this name change is accompanied by the launch of a data planning offer on linear TV. Called CanalxChange, it aims to allow advertisers to better target their campaigns “by crossing their data or that of third parties with the Canal + group’s own data,” said a press release. An offer that combines, “for the first time in England”, he assures, “the performance of digital targeting and the premium and brand safe nature of television”.

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The future Canal + Brand Solutions will manage the channels Canal +, C8, CStar, CNews, RTL9, of 16 thematic channels (Comedy +, Viceland, Planète +, Canal + Sport, Infosport +, Golf +, Non Stop People, Novelas TV, Teletoon +, Piwi +, Museum , Polar +…), the myCANAL platform, as well as third-party supports such as UGC cinemas.

It will also rely on the Canal Brand Factory entity, the pole dedicated since its launch in March 2017 to brand content, special operations and group diversification. A structure which already claims “more than 100 operations created for brands”.