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Like every start of the year, the Tech and Startup planet will be very restless. From January 9 to 12, 2018 will be held the CES in Las Vegas. This event awaited by all entrepreneurs and project leaders in the world brings together the most innovative startups and companies on the planet. In the list of selected French startups there are specialists in innovation in the field of energy, augmented reality, connected objects, well-being or objects for your children or for your animals …

Energy startups

This French CleanTech company presents R3D3, the intelligent sorting robot that recognizes beverage packaging, compacts it and tracks its collection in real time. Dedicated to drink consumption spaces, public spaces, workplaces, R3D3 is a design, modern and compact sorting robot. With its playful and high-tech dimension, R3D3 creates a real break with existing trash cans.

The R-PUR mask is the first anti-pollution mask made in England. It is specially designed for users of 2 wheels. This mask allows you to breathe clean air by filtering out toxic particles, fine / diesel particles, pollens as well as viruses and bacteria present in the air. R-PUR is the filter with the best filtration in the world, which has earned it a position beyond the highest European standard for FFP3 respiratory masks. Finally, the mask is very comfortable and stylish.

Augmented reality startups

EXSENS is the cabin of your dreams. This Parisian company offers you a booth to generate an individual’s digital double almost instantly. It can be animated and used for different applications (fitness, health, fashion, luxury, advertising, gaming). For example, users will be able to simulate physical transformations, change their look, virtually try on an item of clothing or play with their avatar in a game.

Designed to be installed in public spaces, the Timescope kiosk offers you the ultimate time travel experience. Real innovation in the field of virtual reality, this terminal, accessible to all, allows you to choose a time, to discover the place where you are, as it was that day. Or as it will be if the date is to come. The 3D content you then enter into immersion precisely corresponds to the chosen era.

Connected objects startups


Shapeheart is the innovative sports armband. Compatible with running applications, this armband incorporates a technology for measuring your heart rate. With much more precise measurements, the sensor is connected via Bluetooth to all the sports applications on your phone. This French startup, a member of FrenchTech, received the FNAC innovation award.

The small French company asked the right question: why pay so much for a laptop when his smartphone is now almost as powerful as him? Seven years after the presentation of the Motorola Lapdock, Miraxess therefore created Mirabook. This extension allows you to transform your smartphone into a real portable PC. Nothing could be simpler, just use an application and an empty shell to which the smartphone connects.

Well-being startups

myBrain Technologies specializes in the design and development of neuroscientific solutions. Already present at the CES in Las Vegas 2015, myBrain Technologies created Melomind. Composed of an EEG headset (brain exploration method) and a 100% personalized coaching application, Melomind is a brain training solution for relaxation. Based on the principle of neurofeedback, Melomind strengthens the resilience of its users to stress.

Caveasy offers smart storage for wine bottles: the Caveasy One. This product is also a connected cellar management solution that makes life easier for wine lovers. Indeed, Caveasy One can be set remotely at the right temperature. In addition, it lets you know exactly where each bottle is stored. The startup is already having great success: in less than 24 hours, its Indiegogo campaign objective has been exceeded!

The startup dedicated to children

Joy’s Octopus smartwatch for children never ceases to appeal, so much so that it will once again be present at CES. With its alerts and rewards system, Octopus is the first watch entirely based on icons which helps young children to assimilate the notion of time and good habits. The Octopus watch encourages your child to take responsibility, become independent and gain self-confidence.

The startup dedicated to your pets


Camtoy created Laïka, a companion for dogs, based on a mobile, autonomous and intelligent robot. This small robot is equipped with a camera, a microphone and a speaker to allow remote interaction with your animal. The latter can even be equipped with a candy launcher. Laïka is easily and intuitively controllable via an application. Rewarded with the CES Innovation Award, the Laïka robot should be released in spring 2018.

Exhibiting at CES is an exercise in precision. It requires mastery of its communication to stand out among the hundreds of startups present. The Time to Market is another decisive element. The prototype presented in Las Vegas must be available within the year.

To allow these startups to better prepare the CES and optimize their presence on site, Business England has considerably strengthened its support upstream by offering startups pitch coaching, press relations or the industrialization of their solution …

About the Author :

Pierre Seillier, Marketing and communication manager of WITY.

Pierre began his career within the Presidency of the Republic, as an assistant to the adviser for communication and the press. In 2012, he joined Influence 360, a communications agency in Hong Kong. He then had clients for business banks and luxury brands. Since 2016, he has been responsible for marketing and communication at WITY, a startup specializing in online accounting and legal and strategic support.

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