▷ Challenge for SEO Pros: Black Hat SEO Game 2020 -

SEOBlackout.com and Oseox have collaborated to create Jeu-referencement.com, a black hat SEO game that will test the nerves of SEOs. 16 tests await them, if the first are within reach of the first black hat SEO, the business gets worse from the 5th test. So ready to take on the challenge? Meeting on www.jeu-referencement.com

Black Hat SEO Game

Very good initiativeOseox and of SEOBlackout, at the moment there are surely already several referencers who cogitate on the puzzles of the game. If you want to try your luck, go here: www.jeu-referencement.com !

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And if you think find the answers here, well tried but it is missed 🙂