Since July 2005 and the creation of the minimum bid, the Quality Score has been improved on several occasions: taking into account the quality of the landing page, loading time of it… Google announces a new evolution whose implementation place is planned in a few weeks…

3 main changes will take place:
1. The Quality Score will now be calculated with each search request thus becoming much more precise.
2. The “inactive for research” status for the keywords will disappear.
3. The minimum bid will be replaced by the ” first page bid Which will indicate the minimum bid to be placed on the first page.

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A more precise Quality Score…
The system of Quality Score static by keyword will be replaced by a system that will assess the quality of an ad each time a search query is launched. Thus, the most precise announcements in relation to a given request will be displayed. The advertisement will be displayed at the most opportune time which should improve conversion rates.

Disappearance of the “inactive for research” status…
With the new system seen above, since the ads only appear at the right time, the status “inactive for research” therefore becomes obsolete and disappears naturally.

Minimum bid replaced by first page bid
With the transition to Quality Score calculated by request, the minimum bid to appear therefore also becomes obsolete. This will be replaced by thebid to appear on the first page. This data will be calculated by taking the exact queries as a reference (queries displaying the ad only on the exact keyword with no additional expression). This will allow advertisers to better control their positioning. This will surely lead to higher bids as advertisers are tempted to increase to the front page.

Google will first test this new system on a panel of advertisers over the next few days in order to get feedback before the general launch. In the process, the Adwords API and Adwords Editor will be updated to support this new data.

This system will surely drive the bids up, but if the Quality Score is really more precise and it only displays the ads at the right time, this should increase the conversion rates, the costs per conversion should not increase despite the increase in bids (see may be reduced depending on the case).

And you, what impact do you think this will have on your campaigns?

Source: Inside Adwords.