▷ Chevrolet debuts on TikTok ... 2021 -

Chevrolet made its first appearance on TikTok on “My Truck,” the hit song by hip-hop singer Breland. The General Motors brand presents in the video its new Silverado pickup …

Chevrolet targets Generation Z

The pandemic has increased the time spent watching online video content and connecting through social media, making social platforms more important for defining a better digital marketing strategy to reach homebound consumers.

Trainer training

By including Breland in a music video on TikTok, Chevrolet aims to reach Gen Z, the most multi-ethnic demographic in U.S. history and the biggest user of social media.

Chevrolet’s TikTok page is a success

Since its inception, Chevrolet’s TikTok page already has nearly 140,000 followers. The brand posted its video there, which launched earlier this month to showcase the automaker’s latest models. It shows three models of the Silverado in different settings across Nashville, the state capital of Tennessee in the United States.

The music video, featuring lyrics that mention the Chevy Trucks line, and the recently launched TikTok channel show how the vehicle brand seeks to target younger consumers.

Source: Chevrolet