What communication for an artist in China? When you are an artist in China, you may wonder how to conquer your audience. No sooner have you arrived and you are already starting to think about very sophisticated digital marketing solutions because you know that there are 634 million internet users in China?

It doesn’t work like that.

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The best advertisement is your talent as an artist. You must also respect your Chinese audience and never make fun of its culture, even during a show. Because understanding and respecting these can very well be what makes the difference between an undeniable success and a resounding failure.

Some examples of artists


This Chinese artist specializes in shocking and impossible photographs. See below:



As you can see, what could be better here than your own creations?

Know that Li Wei with his impossible images, works with advertising agencies, museums, art galleries and companies around the world

For more photos: Liwei

AKA Patrick Veisselier

A national success this time with Patrick Veisselier, better known under the name of Baimage in China. He decided to do a one-of-a-kind show, entirely in Chinese. After making two performances at the Palais in Paris earlier this year, the French humorist decided to take it to a whole new level by simply going to China to make himself known to the Chinese who had already given him a good reception. in England.

He had his picture taken on the Bund, one of the most famous places in Shanghai, with no less than 3,000 Chinese. And all this in less than 2 hours.

Here is the link to the version published on 56.com, viewed 1.4 million times.

In addition, on the Chinese twitter, Weibo, no less than 166,000 people follow him to keep abreast of the latest adventures of Brother Chevalier Blanc (literal translation of his Chinese name)

Chinese online newspapers have also talked about him, as evidenced by this article in China news


To be already famous on a world scale

When you have already achieved international celebrity rank, it is much easier to be welcomed by Chinese people. This is all the more true when you target the young post 80s and 90s who are very connected and already very aware of what is happening outside of China in the field of entertainment.


Example of an artist who has greatly benefited from his international renown in China: Beyoncé. Performances were scheduled in Macau during his world tour. His two concerts sold out for a total of around 25,000 tickets sold.

She also benefits from a very large community as you can see on her Weibo.

Content sharing: the key to increasing success and becoming better known.

You were thinking earlier of a digital strategy to succeed in making yourself known in China, it is here, after having shown what you are capable of during representation, or else with an agent that you must implement it.

Online press relations

Getting to know Chinese journalists will allow you to have a good online presence on media that already have established status. When the Chinese user sees articles of good quality, well written, talking about you and what you do, he will be more inclined to come to see you in representation or at your exhibition for example.

A good example of a Chinese online newspaper: Xinhua

The press relationship is something that takes time and pays off in the long run. Ideally, call on experts who already have a well-established network to issue press releases about you.

Then, once the journalists have been found, you need to analyze their needs, which may interest them, and then provide subjects suited to the tastes of journalists.


Chinese people have very little confidence in Chinese television, especially when it comes to news. On the other hand, it is a very good tool for successfully reaching the general public through programs such as Voice of China or talk shows.

Example of a talk show: 康熙 來 了 Kangqilaile, a program from Taiwan that attracts a lot of people from mainland China. See rather

Again here, we are talking about digital since some talk shows, like those mentioned above are available on streaming sites or video platforms like Youku (Chinese Youtube)

Social media platforms and forums

Social networks are very numerous in China, this multiplicity is caused by the ever-growing appetite for these media, also a space for freedom of expression. With 40% of their time spent on the internet dedicated to social networks, the potential for an artist to make himself known is enormous because information spreads very quickly.

However, remain attentive to the evolution of your community (s) to prevent any e-reputation problem caused by bad comments, negative reviews. The best solution here, to make your work as an artist easier, is to call on experts who will preserve and improve your e-reputation.

The platforms are varied, Weibo was mentioned several times in this article but others deserve to be also mentioned:

Baidu Tieba:

It allows users to get together to chat about the same topic. This is one of the largest communities that is a service of Baidu, the giant in the search engine sector


As an artist Baidu Tieba is also a platform not to be missed, look a little higher with the Tieba of the Sino-Korean group EXO: 1.9 million people following it and 35 million posts!


Even if as a social networking platform, it remains difficult to exploit, in support it is essential with the use of QR codes which allow people, with a simple scan to add you in their circles of friends and so follow you and receive your latest information about your shows, new works, etc …



As an artist, remember that it is your talent, which makes you an artist, that matters. However, to be sure of reaching your full potential in a given country, you also need to develop a digital strategy to maximize your visibility with your audience.

Communication in China