▷ Choose a web editor 2020 -

Freelance partner or employee, the choice of a web editor is crucial for your business. He (or she) is responsible for your brand image, your values, your e-reputation. No question of choosing it lightly!


Web editor: a representative of your company

The web editor is the main actor of your SEO strategy. Its role is, among others,optimize your text content to appear at the top of search engine results. Content intended for… your future prospects! Its qualities must not be only technical, it must also know your target and how to reach them. His way of communicating will be associated with your name, your image: it represents your business on the web.

Training & Co'm

Check your SEO knowledge

First things first. The first step in your recruitment should be to check the candidate’s skills in natural referencing (SEO). Your web editor must be able to identify keywords relevant to your sector, know how to prioritize its content impeccably, optimize its tags and images, master the snipets and ideally be able toanalyze its performance.

Marketing writing

In addition to his technical skills, your web editor must know how to speak to your target. In other words, a background in communication & marketing is essential. Trained or self-taught, the candidate’s writing style should be largely geared towards promoting your business, its development.

Avoid copywriters who focus only on the keyword aspect at all costs of their profession, and neglect the legibility of their writing. The web editor must be able to juggle perfectly to produce optimized, pleasant and attractive content for your readers.

The writing test: an essential step

Choosing a web editor means making the decision to start a content strategy. A long-term partnership that should bring positive benefits to your business. Do not hesitate to take a writing test for the candidate you have selected. Preferably paid for the work done, the web editor can then show you what he can do, and you will be more able to decide if it corresponds to your search.

Share your values ​​and expectations

Satisfied with the capabilities of your web writer? It’s time to explain to him specifically what you expect from him. Your copywriter needs to know your business right at your fingertips, be familiar with your values, how you do it. Once again : he represents you! It’s up to you to ensure that it is equipped to communicate on your behalf on the web, and to convey the right message to your future potential customers.