It’s hard for the future student to find himself in the plethora of training and schools available to him… Campus-Channel offers to help him find his way! By going to their site, he will find a unique toolbox to learn in a fun and interactive way about the best schools and universities. 100% free and free to access, the platform makes more than 450 videos available each year.

What better way to choose your course than to interview the program managers and the students who follow it directly? Thanks to Lives, future students have the opportunity to ask their own questions, live.

He wants to go behind the scenes of his future school? The team of reporters goes into the field to show what it looks like, how the lessons are going, and what atmosphere to expect. This is the Back of the Campus! And to fully experience a day in total immersion, he will choose the Welcome To format: the journalist slips into the skin of a student to test the reception and integration on site.

Eligible for a school, 1000 questions jostle in his head: “how will my oral day go?”, “Will I be accommodated once there?” A special live is planned to answer all his concerns before the day J.

To know the DNA of the school that interests him in record time, he will opt for Flash! 1’30 questions and answers in 1’30.

“What does it lead to?” This is a crucial question that future students are led to ask themselves when choosing their orientation. With its “Les Ex’Pairs” format, alumni share their professional background and make the link between their training and their career. A good way to get a real idea about the prospects of a school!

Latest news: a special parent format, the Parental Advisory, so that they can interact directly with school principals.

More than 35 themes are present on Campus-Channel: Finance, Big Data, Supply chain, Human resources… and Marketing!

Find the best Marketing training courses on their 100% video site and ask all your questions directly to the Program Directors!

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