▷ Christmas emailing: boost your sales after the holidays 2020 -

We know that the Christmas and holiday season is one of the most important moments for e-merchants, who generate a large part of their turnover there. We also know that emailing is an essential tool for organizing effective Christmas campaigns and simply boosting sales.

What is less known is that it is not enough to send a few mailings before Christmas and that the following weeks are also very important. Indeed, after the Christmas business, new opportunities that should not be overlooked arise, because many customers are still in the mood to buy, want to spend the money they received or even exchange their gifts. Without forgetting that just after Christmas, comes the new year!

In the following article, we’ll show you how to take advantage of the post-Christmas period to put in place a powerful emailing strategy and simply boost your sales.

1: New year, the feast of the three wise men and the winter sales

After Christmas, it’s not all over! Consider creating dedicated mailings for the New Year and the Epiphany. You can take the opportunity to set up funny actions (for the three wise men, create for example a mailing “Galette des rois” with a bean hidden in some mailings allowing to win gifts).

Then, in early January, there are the winter sales. This is the perfect opportunity to empty your stocks and sell more. You can, for example, offer your most popular products from last year or create a progressive sales system (you increase the proposed reduction every day).

You can also take advantage of the post-Christmas period to thank your customers for their loyalty over the past year. It’s a good way to deepen your relationship with them. Feel free to include a voucher in this mailing, which may push your customers to purchase.

2: The exchange of gifts

Be frank: who of you has ever been disappointed with your Christmas presents? Of course that happens and, in this case, we will often try to exchange gifts. This may be a very good opportunity for traders.

Let’s assume the following scenario:

In this case, you have the option of converting B and making it a new customer. More than just offering a free gift exchange, encouraging your customers to buy more by offering, for example, vouchers or complementary products.

In all cases, it is important to inform your customers of the possibility of exchanging their gifts in a dedicated emailing one to three days after Christmas.

3: Product recommendations

Speaking of complementary products: a product recommendation email campaign is a must, because it’s a very simple way to encourage your customers to buy more. The main thing is to identify which products complement the products that your customers have already purchased.

For example: a handbag with a new camera, a necklace to match a new dress, refills for an electronic cigarette or even ski boots if your customer has purchased skis beforehand.

For this campaign to work, it is imperative that your product recommendation emails be personalized. Professional emailing software generally offers dynamic personalization solutions that allow you to simply individualize your messages according to certain criteria such as age or purchasing behavior.

4: The presentation of your actions for the following year

The holiday season and the start of the year are not only used to generate turnover, but also to develop your relationship with your community – by informing your recipients of your successes and failures of the past year and by explaining what awaits them in the New Year.

In a dedicated mailing, tell them what marketing campaigns or events you plan to organize, offer them a calendar of the main upcoming sales actions or give them mouth watering by already presenting new products that will be available later in the year.

5: Evaluating the results of the past year

Does this all seem like a lot of work to you? As with any emailing campaign, it depends on your preparation. That’s why it’s best to already prepare for the following year and take advantage of the post-Christmas period to finalize your campaign calendar.

Take the time to review your campaigns from the past year and use the numerous reports offered by emailing software like Newsletter2Go to analyze their success. This will allow you to easily determine which marketing actions have been most effective and can be replicated the following year.

In addition, if you have not already done so, you can consider automating certain campaigns. Most email marketing software offers automation solutions that allow you to set up campaigns such as birthday mailings, welcome mailings or shopping cart follow-up mailings. It’s a great way to save time while providing a more complete customer experience.

To summarize: take advantage of the time after Christmas to optimize your future marketing campaigns and boost your sales for the new year!

Article written in collaboration with Newsletter2Go