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The SEO market has never counted so many players. SEO is on the minds of digital marketing professionals and it is not easy to make a name for yourself in this ultra-competitive field. The battlefield seems to be playing out more and more in the field of branding and the race for data. However, the French SEO solution Cocolyze wishes to extricate itself from this war, by offering another vision of natural referencing, more focused on understanding the real needs of their customers …

Born in 2018, Cocolyze quickly took advantage of his youth to offer a complete SEO solution, with a relatively different approach, as its founder Tennessee Veldeman describes: “ SEO is made up of many different professions. Each of these trades requires a lot of research and verification to fully optimize a site. The larger the site, like some e-commerce sites, the more difficult it becomes. Without an optimization tool, we spend our time fixing the broken pieces, rather than doing quality SEO which will produce rapid results on the performance of the website“.

For the business manager, SEO therefore remains a complex activity that can sometimes be a source of inconvenience if not done correctly. “SEO can generate a lot of frustration. Many actors don’t know where to start. They don’t know how to identify what is wrong, how to write content properly, etc. To alleviate these frustrations, an SEO tool allows you to measure the impact of SEO actions. This allows you to have a clear, objective look and it avoids having to rely only on opinions. It is also a real time saver “, He assures.

SEO, an activity still too neglected by companies

SEO may be on the minds of marketers, nearly 73% of web pages do not generate customers because they are not visible on search engines.

A deficit that the founder of Cocolyze quickly identified. According to him, ” it’s very common to see companies producing content that is not indexable for google. They are aware of it, but SEO people don’t necessarily know how to tackle the more technical part of SEO, or simply don’t have the time. For example, the majority of people go to a garage to have their vehicle serviced. It would take too much time for them to learn and do it on their own. And those who try to do small repairs on their own, more often than not, it creates more problems than it solves. It’s the same problem for natural referencing. ”

SEO, practiced without a suitable tool, therefore remains a complex and time-consuming activity, which requires versatility and curiosity. But, if the Cocolyze solution is one of the most recognized and avant-garde in the SEO world today, it is above all thanks to its understanding of market expectations and the responses it provides.

A solution that makes SEO accessible

Whether you are a layman, an SEO expert, an agency or a company, it becomes more and more difficult to choose the SEO solution that suits your expectations, because they all have a favorite area.

Some opt to provide as much data as possible, while others will be more focused on keyword research or on the analysis and proposal of backlinks, for example.

Initially, people choose a tool to help them make choices. Finally, they find themselves drowned in amounts of data which confuse them more than anything else and which does not make it easy for them to choose. They don’t know where to start to start an SEO campaign and how to know if they are doing right or wrong ”, Analyzes Tennessee Veldeman.

A speech that we hear little, in a sector where the race to meet the requirements of search engines and their updates is raging. But for T. Veldeman, “ the only factor to take into account today in SEO is that Google wants to offer quality sites, which meet the expectations of Internet users. So we made an SEO tool responding to the signals of Google’s Core Web Vitals and which allows to create quality sites and content. We are not data oriented. We are just trying to understand people’s SEO needs without getting too technical or popularizing SEO. “.

Think about SEO differently

At Cocolyze, the watchword is therefore not to revolutionize everything, but to suggest doing SEO differently. The tool is intended to be accessible and reliable by the quality of the data it offers. The features offered meet market standards. But, for Tennessee Veldeman, what sets Cocolyze apart from other SEO solutions is its ability to do SEO differently. ” We offer an A to Z vision of SEO. We are not focused on just one aspect. This allows for logical continuity and fluidity in the different stages to be accomplished in a referencing process. “, He assures.

Few SEO players offer support when data is available and customers are therefore left to fend for themselves. We want to provide a method for using this data with consistent tools, for each step of SEO optimization, from keyword research, to analyzing the actions of the competition, including a help tool. writing, etc. Our tool is complete and allows you to work methodically step by step. It also allows you to progress. The more we work with Cocolyze, the more we evolve and we discover features that allow us to advance in our mastery of SEO. “.

An innovative philosophy which has materialized in a new pricing giving real added value to the product. ” Our pricing is more affordable today because we have implemented a credit system. Our users can browse our site and use any features they want. They are free to spend their credits as they see fit, according to their needs and when they need them. In SEO, user needs change over time. This credit system prevents them from being locked into a formula that only offers them a few features to use. We are not cheaper than the others, but we offer real freedom in the use of the tool

Article written in collaboration with Cocolyze