▷ Communication and memes: the Yomoni case 2020 -

Yomoni is dusting off the world of finance. In the closet savings without financial interest to which the French are so attached. The era of banking is over, Yomoni intends to show it …

A society that is not shy

The management company Yomoni floods the web and the Paris metro with its campaign against the background of MEMEs. She wants to clean up dusty spirits for whom savings no longer have any interest or is intended for big speculators. It’s the advent of a new way to invest. Why an offbeat campaign with this use of MEMEs? To show that the time for complicated savings is over.

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Serving a new generation of private management

The first digital company specializing in financial management, Yomoni intends to prove that money is not made to sleep while we work. On the contrary, he must work while the savers can rest. The company Yomoni takes charge of a whole category of French for the moment left behind. Those who are not interested in banks; but also those who interest them a little too much and who allow themselves to be deceived by hypnotic speeches.

Yomoni profiler… What is your financial product?

Everyone has their own way of perceiving the economy. For those who earn their money by the sweat of their brow, it was natural for a society to finally take stock of what it means. Yomoni takes into consideration the desires, means, but also the fears and ignorance of its customers. He explains, reassures, and experts place in the most suitable way for each situation. You don’t have to be a Rothschild to get into finance. 1000 euros is enough to start investing in very diversified securities. The MEME cat is there to symbolize what society is not. No boredom, misunderstanding and passivity.

No more scams

Yomoni takes over the codes of the web to address those who are fed up with banks asking gargantuan fees to manage a poorly crafted portfolio. To those who want to know where their money is going in the multiple rates that are never those of the brochure. Yomoni decided to clean up and occupy the place not by abusing the system, like the others, but by offering the French what they want. Clear, fixed and reasonable rates, without endless bank charges. Simple and personalized investments. In this way, it is aimed at young and old, without isolating any socio-professional category.

This article was written in collaboration with the brand, however all the words present in the article are mine.