▷ Communication king Burger King launches a new challenge with NBA 2K21! 2021 -

Immersive virtual experience, games, streaming… What has Burger King, the king of communication, in store for us? This time the brand wanted to seduce NBA 2K21 players with the promise of free meals…

Burger King scores several baskets ahead

Anyone who takes tough shots in NBA 2K21, a basketball simulation video game on PlayStation 4 and 5, will win free food from Burger King. The brand has launched an immersive virtual experience that links to real-world rewards.

Trainer training

With this latest move, the McDonald’s competitor has practically scored several baskets ahead. The reward varies depending on the difficulty of the shot and, of course, its distance. Earning a free sandwich is relatively straightforward while earning a full meal with fries and a soda requires hitting a shot from midfield.

Burger King will therefore have the opportunity to involve all players forced to stay at home due to the pandemic. A brilliant idea, in particular for the interactivity of the initiative and the resulting incentives for Generation Z, a marketing target less and less attentive to advertisements on television, but also on the web.

A new approach to boost engagement

To participate, simply download “The Menu Court” in MyLeague (PS4) or MyNBA (PS5) mode. Then if you make a basket out of a sandwich, fries, nuggets or soda, you can get these items for free until April 4, 2021 by sharing the video on Twitter, tagging BK and NBA2K and using the hashtag # BKMenuCourt.

Relying on a game to convey a message today is much easier if our target is the youngest. So letting players participate directly in the action might be a more powerful way to boost engagement and get the message across on social media.

Burger King is not its first try. The brand has already stepped up video game integrations in recent years by sponsoring football club Stevenage in 2019. The marketing campaign was to complete a series of virtual challenges in FIFA 2020 in order to win dishes for free.