Although essential, digital content is not the only type of content to promote your organization. Brochures, magazines, flyers and posters constitute, for example, so-called “offline” media that are very relevant in promoting your identity. Complementary to online, this content ‘on paper’ can and should even always help promote your digital image. How? ‘Or’ What ? This is what we will see in this article …

Redirect to digital

All print content should always redirect to your site or your social networks. This practice will allow you to easily and quickly generate qualified leads. How? ‘Or’ What ? Using a few quick and easy tips, the main ones of which are as follows.

Add a hashtag #

As part of a special operation such as end of year promotion for example, it is entirely relevant to combine digital campaign and “classic” promotion on paper. By creating a hashtag dedicated to the operation, you will be able to use it on your networks.

Please note that for this use to be effective, your hashtag must be clearly visible on your offline content such as flyers or posters. By doing so, you should arouse the curiosity of your audience and thus encourage him to go to your web pages / social networks.

Using the QR code

To encourage your target to view additional content and get in touch with you, QR code provides efficient redirection. This additional content can be available on your site of course, but also on your Facebook page or even a dedicated application. Very popular, the QR code offers a multitude of possibilities.

Indicate your social networks

More simply, ladding your social networks to your offline content will allow your prospects to easily reach you on your digital media. In addition, if your audience is used to monitoring via this digital channel, this addition will be more than welcomed. In the same vein, all your offline content should always indicate your website, regardless of the audience in order to stay in touch with your target.

Transform print into digital

An even easier and quicker practice to establish for offer content on your blog or social networks consists of ‘Recycle’ your digital print content. An article written for a magazine can thus be fully exploited on your blog. In the same way, if you used a powerful visual during a campaign, do not hesitate to relay it on your networks. Each offline content can be reworked for the web, do not forget it. For example, a press release can become an article for LinkedIin, a brochure transformed into PDF and made available to Internet users on your site, etc.

Link off and online

Although it makes sense to develop digital for several reasons, in particular to increase your visibility and offer your content an unlimited lifespan, it is also more than relevant to create synergies between off and online. Your print campaigns can thus be designed according to the operation of teasing by offering incomplete content. Your prospects will then have, via an invitation, go to your website or Facebook page to find out more.

In writing for a magazine, a common and effective practice is to return to the end of your article on your site. Concretely, as part of the promoting more dense content such as a white paper, in particular, you can publish an article related to your white paper on a platform or magazine and invite readers to download the suite on your site.

To remember : A true complement to online, offline content participates on its scale in the development of your inbound marketing strategy. Efficient and relatively easy to implement, it will allow you to broaden your audience and develop your base of qualified prospects. Want to know more ? I invite you to contact me directly.