▷ Content and inbound: what does 2017 have in store for us? 2020 -

2016 was rich in innovations and experiments. But what does 2017 hold for content, editorial and inbound marketing? I’m betting on 8 trends that should keep us busy this year. Appointment in December to take stock…

1. The emergence of new supports for brands and their adoption in new forms of expression

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and messaging (Snapshat, etc.) are announcing a salvo of new apps, some of which are already in place. Film, instant video, formats like panorama, and many others. It will be necessary to grasp it and build the appropriate narrative paths.

2. Rationalization in the use of social networks

If to the “general public” social networks we add the private networks, thematic networks and internal networks to companies, it is more than 700 supports which coexist only in England. We cannot ignore an “editorial media planning” (where and when) with fine traffic management.

3. Concomitantly, the end of infobesity

At the same time for practical reasons of organization / cost and of dilution of the messages, the brands will have to stop this leak in front of the always more, all the more that the users begin to feel dispossessed of the control of their flow of information.

2017 for content: less, but better (better constructed, better targeted, better disseminated).

4. The increasing use of live content and the creation of live events by brands

It is imperative to adapt to the behaviors that bring us into the time of immediacy. And what could be more immediate than live / direct? It’s up to brands to learn how to use news or create events to bring together audience audiences.

5. The crisis com ’for calm weather with the constitution of cold contents to react to the news

Building a database of articles, posts and posts will allow you to react quickly and be on time to surf a buzz or a subject, to be at the heart of “what’s going on”.

6. The merger between internal and corporate communications

The messages are the same. The business project, its mission and the brand platform are common foundations, only the carriers differ, and again! In 2017, the use of internal (collaborators) and external stakeholders (partners, customers, etc.) as influential communication relays will be increasingly shared.

7. Welcoming citizen and consumer voice brands on the media

Beyond product-focused opinions and the UGC, brands will invest in the field of societal information and citizen debate. This will involve recognition and certification of content, algorithmically or humanly (on the model of what Facebook is preparing) where the information will be validated and where fail and trollism will be identified.

8. The creation of internal or outsourced newsrooms

To manage their media presence, brands will have to organize themselves and build hubs and teams responsible for producing content, format and distribute it. They will do this on the model of multimedia editorial offices in the press, either directly at home or by calling on expert service providers.