▷ Content: Bringing your Social Networks to life 2020 -

The task of Community Manager is far from easy. Bringing a company’s social media to life is a work in progress, which cannot be completely automated. Discover some tips to attract and retain your audience…


Each social network has its type of content

The golden rule in social networking is simple, yet too often ignored! Due to lack of time or knowledge, companies tend to publish the same content on all their social networks. If you want to succeed in your strategy Community Management, we will have to do it differently. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn each have their own way and their own target!

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Not only is the format not the same, but Internet users’ expectations also depend on the distribution platform. Learn to grasp the intricacies of each channel: the more you get used to its operation, the easier and more instinctive the work will seem to you!

Create your own branded content

The best way to offer content that resembles you is to create it yourself. Internet users are fond of original content, which they will not see anywhere else. Your personal touch counts for a lot in gaining the loyalty of your audience: your social networks must spread YOUR message, YOUR values.

Free tools exist to produce quality visuals, without much effort. Do not neglect the writing blog articles, to share on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. You know your market, your customers, offer them your expertise, your advice!

Be offbeat, but not too much …

Humor is the lethal weapon of Community Manager. Social media users expect fresh, fun and sparkling content… within the limits of your editorial line! It is not that difficult to find humorous content, while respecting your company’s image. Do you manage a construction company Facebook page?

Have fun sharing demolition videos, slow-motion, offbeat content! YouTube is full of thematic content just waiting to be watched!

Put yourself in the place of your target

In summary: to find the best content, you need to know your audience. What are his areas of interest? His expectations ? His habits ? Soak up your brand identity, the search for content will impose itself!

If you run a women’s clothing store, chances are your subscribers are interested in Fashion Week, are hungry for advice on how to accessorize an outfit, want to discover backstage of your photo shoots!

Your business is a niche, an area of ​​activity less mainstream ? Don’t see it as a constraint, it’s a chance. It is much easier to stand out when our audience is smaller and our competition less!

Do you sell bookmarks? You will be surprised to discover the number of DIY videos that we can find about it! Put them on stage, expand your field of possibilities. Bookmarks = books, share literary news, offer quizzes to find out what your current reading is followers !