Inseparable from commercial activity, the communication strategy represents a challenge which is certainly stimulating for most companies, but risky for the most modest of them. However, creating content, as sophisticated as it is, is also and above all an opportunity to appeal to creativity more than a substantial budget – or how to go from cost to manufacturing recipe …

Content for everyone

Often associated, wrongly, with a generally expensive advertising process, the creation of content can actually be part of a communication strategy as refined as accessible for any business, thereby finding more benefit:

So many good reasons for a company to turn to content creation to develop its visibility and sales, including the most modest since it is VSEs that invest the most in this creation2.

Create in the rules

Although accessible, a content strategy is nonetheless subject to a few basic rules that should be observed to capitalize on the resources created.

The first of them is to build a coherent positioning in relation to the target and the offer of the company which must be able to tell itself, to write its history through a clean and differentiating universe. A storytelling aiming to establish a legitimacy and a sympathy capital with the public, and oriented around the needs of the latter, more than on the offer of the advertiser: useful, educational and emotional content more than commercial therefore. Teach, don’t sell : highlight your expertise, your advice and your vision before your product.

It is then necessary to organize these contents in a real planning with an editorial calendar which takes into account the different targets, the different formats and the different publication platforms – and this, in order to register your creations in a sustainable perspective and to adapt at best to the volatility of the audience in terms of needs and uses.

Finally, you have to rely on external content through:

  • Curation: through intelligent monitoring, bring together creations from other players in the sector and contextualize them by providing your comments and analysis. Save time as well as legitimacy;
  • User content (UGC): promote consumer content on your own platforms in order to strengthen the relationship with the company and public confidence, the latter being more inclined to follow the recommendations of peers than those of an advertising medium.

Originality at low cost

The video

The king format of visual communication, video remains quality content to engage your targets. However, this quality does not always require Hollywood resources, but simply a touch of creativity. As with Dollar Shave Club, which with a budget of 4,000 euros, collected 9.5 million views and gained 12,000 customers in 2 days.

The picture

With the power of a network like Instagram, any business today can claim to acquire a certain artistic dimension using a simple smartphone. While highlighting its product through staging and storytelling, like the French Pimento Drink and its permanent roaming or Rover, which only publishes photos of its customers.

Computer graphics

Very shared, computer graphics allow to popularize the most complex subjects through catchy visuals that show as much as they demonstrate. The opportunity to educate around its expertise and its sector, like Axialys which dissects the customer experience.