▷ Content Marketing: 15 figures to convince and equip you! 2020 -

In marketing, numbers often help support good ideas, the proof here with one and the same (very) very good idea explained in 15 statistics to prove without complex that content marketing really performs with an inbound strategy…

Because there are abundant figures to prove that content is the most accessible means to attract many prospects to its brand, I chose only 15 to highlight the reality of Content Marketing: opportunities still left out by the brands.

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Customers are looking for content…

  1. 70% of consumers prefer to discover a brand through original and creative content (source)
  2. 78% B2B buyers are looking for suppliers on the web (source)
  3. 90% B2C professionals use content marketing with real commercial interest
  4. 72% of marketing managers think branded content is more valuable than magazine advertising (source)

… For unanimous success in marketing and SEO!

  1. Content marketing costs around 62% cheaper than traditional marketing tools, it generates nearly 3 times more of leads (source)
  2. Quality and interesting content is top 3 Reasons why consumers follow a brand on social media (source)
  3. 82% of blogging marketers observe a positive ROI for their Inbound Marketing strategy
  4. 78% of marketing directors believe personalized content is the future of marketing (source)
  5. The best B2B marketing managers believe that the blog is the most powerful content tool (source)
  6. 79% Content Manager in B2B use content to achieve brand awareness objectives (source)
  7. Blogs give sites on average + 434% pages indexed by search engines (source)

… And yet overlooked by many managers

  1. 85% B2B specialists do not attribute commercial value to their content
  2. Only 45% of companies consider sales as a content marketing objective (source)

Content Managers admit it, they would do better with more means!

  1. 27% of Content Managers believe that they effectively monitor their content (source: Aberdeen)
  2. 52% Content Managers feel limited by their budget (source)

So wait no more, 27 million contents are published every day, the web awaits yours with many customers. And if you want to find the best practices and tips from the 15% of content managers who are most successful, I invite you to find this white paper dedicated to optimizing your media traffic and the conversion rate of your content.

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