The train in the tunnel: a metaphor full of meaning signed Hitchcock. The web is like marketing, a tool of seduction. But where marketing tries to seduce, the digital universe, it goes to the end of the process, to the conclusion that we expect. The interactivity of the web is also the very principle of this possibility: we will concretize, convert and retain a prospect or partner. The web offers the simulation of reality which aims to create a real commercial relationship, a relationship that is played with your fingertips, just a click away…

And it is on the basis of this contactless relationship, but entirely in the game of seduction, that this article is constructed, namely a rather daring comparison between content and romantic encounter. Not yet sensitive to the idea? Read on and look for similarities to the image above …

1. A first meeting with an idea in mind: conclude!

What do we do on the web? We generally present its arguments, its interests, its assets to arouse the interest of potential customers and to address them. In the same way as the game of seduction, the first date is essential. A surfer who arrives at a content or a page of a site will get a quick and simple idea of ​​a site, of its legitimacy, of its expertise. In short, this first meeting is the hook that will follow the relationship with a prospect, namely if we continue the path together or if it was not worth more than a drink to get to know each other and say goodbye …

2. Keep in touch: repeat the meetings to get to know each other

Intelligent and appreciable content, well referenced that makes you want to return to a site on which the first experience has been crowned with success. A good feeling that makes you want to meet again, or even to know a little more if affinity.

To return to the purely web context, a blog updated regularly, with specific appointments (such as a daily publication at 8 am, bi-weekly, etc.) is an asset in content marketing. It allows you to retain your prospects and invite them to come back often to find new content. A loyalty which thus allows to increase the conversion opportunities by contents referring to commercial offers and proposals.

3. Go to the next step …

Ok, the date went well, you drove him home and went for a drink at your place … your target could see you for real and that’s what matters. Beyond the showcase and the presentation, what matters is the personal qualities and the intrinsic value that will help you or not to continue together.

The blog or first page of a site is nothing more than content to generate interest. The good advice is to place links at the end of the article or page to direct a prospect towards a relative product and offer him directly to download a proposal or a white paper. As such, the white paper is very relevant since it offers an expert point of view and a precise demonstration of its qualities to motivate a prospect to request a service.

4. Size matters!

The perfect size exists and it is a question of improving its referencing. Indeed, the standard of content of at least 500 words to be in the good graces of Google has not changed. On the other hand, good practices are more around 750 – 1200 words. Why ? Because the time spent by visitors on a site is strongly correlated with the length of the content. The time of a session being also taken into account by Google, we generally recommend quality content adapted to deal with the subject in depth.

We find the same standard on social networks, it is a question of an adapted message and especially dedicated to each network. Above all, it’s a good opportunity to be on the same wavelength as your target. We find the archive of this excellent joke of a fake SNCF account to laugh at the buzz of the oversized trains 🙂

5. The preliminaries to raise the desire (client)

In commercial practice, it is necessary to “prepare the ground”. Namely, gaining the trust of a potential client and understanding their expectations. Lead scoring and tracking are Marketing Cloud tools allowing you to generate precise follow-up and target your most interesting leads at the best time. In other words, we adapt the commercial pressure to send only suitable content and in relation to the searches of Internet users who come to your site.

To sum up, increasingly closer contacts and particular attention to the needs of your prospects will bring you closer to your grail: conversion!

6. Take his number and call back first

In order not to lose sight of a great meeting and go beyond a story with no future, contact is essential. The reminders by email or telephone are essential in order to maintain a transactional relationship with its prospects: we seek to initiate an exchange to successfully dialogue and offer solutions adapted to the needs of a prospect. This is in particular the interest of Marketing Automation tools: in charge of automated follow-up scenarios they are useful for maintaining the relationship with a contact who has entered the database and offering him content related to his interests and his navigation on your site.

If this article appealed to you, don’t hesitate to share it and use my marketing seduction recipes. I also invite you to find this white paper of good practices in content marketing to optimize the conversion rate of your content.