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Content Marketing or “Content Marketing” is increasingly used in business. It helps build customer loyalty, increase sales, etc. How can effective Content Marketing be set up? What are the differences between Conversational Marketing and Content Marketing?

The objective of Content Marketing

Provide customers with useful information to facilitate their purchasing, decision-making, etc.

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The stages of setting up content marketing

Preparatory phase (identification of objectives, subjects, tools, media, timetable, budget, etc.)
1. Content creation
2. Content integration
3. Content delivery
4. Conversation conversation
5. Impact assessment (and adjustments if necessary)

Diffusion must be maximum

The use of different vectors makes it possible to disseminate content on the web and elsewhere …

Point of sale
Social networks
Press relations
– Paper variation
– Other sites

Forecast for 2009

More than half of companies want to increase their content creation budget!
But what will be the impact on businesses?
For existing customers, this will keep them and stimulate cross-selling. For potential customers, this will allow an increase in visibility, better confidence and therefore an increase in sales. For business partners and employees, productivity must improve …

Difference Between Conversational Marketing and Content Marketing

The goal of Conversational Marketing is to create “positive” interactions with the help of online expression and social media. It’s about analyzing opinions, answering problems, building customer loyalty to your brand, and innovating based on consumer habits. Conversation marketing would take place at several levels: from product development to customer relationship management.

Content Marketing offers a more targeted and personalized message! Thanks to the various means used, Content Marketing makes it possible to reach a person more “personally” by adapting to their habits.

A relevant content strategy will generate more and more conversational capital. Without interesting content, no conversation.

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