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The book ! This traditional tool for the dissemination of knowledge and knowledge. Nerdy? The distribution of a book in paper and e-book format is however an effective and largely under-explored content marketing channel. A practical, concrete book that brings value to readers. A maxi blog article in a way, and if possible “evergreen” content, that is to say sustainable …

Today, he has never been easier write and distribute a book online for major online bookstores such as Amazon, Fnac, Google Play, iBooks, chapter … Hundreds of readers await you, as long as your book is well written, practical oriented, and solve a true problem.

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Many companies or blogs publish white papers, long and rich content. Why limit their distribution to their own site or communication channel?

In the United States, there are many companies and bloggers who publish their practical books and have largely invested in this marketing channel.

How to take action to write and publish your practical book?

Thanks to Amazon basically, publishing books without an editor is moving from niche practice to global phenomenon, redistributing publishing cards and allowing everyone to address an audience in a new form.

Amazon distributes your book in e-book format to its Kindle or prints it on demand and ships it (for 1 cent) to the final reader.

of the self-publishing platforms act as an intermediary to lay out the book, create the cover, then distribute it to targeted bookstores. It is even possible to distribute your book in physical bookstore networks, if you feel you have an interest.

Typically, authors write their books in Word by repeating content from their blogs, creating exclusive content, and then outsourcing it to a self-publishing platform.

Simple and efficient.

5 good practices for a book that converts

1. Create a book whose content references

Expert How-To Books are purchased en masse, especially when their content is better than what is available. On Google, SEO and visitor behavior drives up the results.

On Amazon, these are the customer feedback and sales statistics that drive up the search rankings. There are also practices allowing to go up in the Amazon or Fnac.com rankings

The book allows reach an unusual audience which does not rather frequent your usual communication channels. You will find new fans who will ultimately discover your activity, after learning from you.

2. Insert links to your bonuses and email collection forms

The book should be worked as a transformation channel to your site.

In e-book format, the links remain clickable, which allows direct access to your site, especially since 60% of e-book readers read on smartphones or tablets.

Authors who convert therefore place links in different places in their books.

The trick: place a link in the first 4 pages of his book.

Amazon offers the “Browse Book” feature to all visitors, allowing you to view the first pages of a book. These pages are easy to access and the links are clickable. Thus, many blogs make visits to their sites from this first link, made by readers who did not necessarily buy your book. A simple way to increase the volume of visits from this new content marketing channel.

3. Work on its launch

Launching a book is an important step.

On the one hand, to create a sales dynamic and bring out your book in the rankings. More sales mean more points in bookstore algorithms and therefore better visibility in online stores or in search results.

On the other hand, to surround the launch of the book with communication about your brand and your products. A book launch is a pretext that journalists love. It’s concrete, practical, popularized, easy to explain. Prepare a summary of your book, the key points and why the book stands out. And spread it.

4. Always carry your book with you

A book is reassuring. The book creates trust, gives credibility. All customers are reassured and intrigued when their contact has written a book. For a prospect, a book is an introduction, a way of probing your interlocutor, its products and its services.

The author-entrepreneur will always have his book with him, ready to draw it out to argue and make you want to read it. Always print books in advance and add value to them as soon as possible.

And a book also makes it possible to start an exchange, to have a starting point during an unusual meeting.

5. Establish a long-term reputation

Writing a book allows you to institutionalize your offer, to anchor yourself in the landscape. If a blog article disappears according to the news, a book stays for several years and can continue to reference for a long time.

A book contributes to the creation of a brand. It allows you to present yourself officially. And a book also allows you to enter into the privacy of your values, your functioning, or your employees. Book authors always engage more than in a presentation video or an article that is too fast.

The book is a soft, intellectual medium that anchors in the long term and creates credibility. A book reader is a hotter prospect than an article reader. The visitor to your site often searches for information. The reader of your book is interested in the details and substance of the product or service. Since he did the purchase process, so he took the first step towards you.

try !

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Olivier Morel is the author of the blog publiersonlivre.fr, which allows authors to easily publish and distribute their books on Amazon, fnac.com and other bookstores. The blog offers many tips for publishing your book in self-publishing, promoting and printing your book.