Convert curation into traffic for your site, is it possible? This seems contradictory, since the whole concept is based on recommending third-party content to its audience. But with the Sniply URL Shortener, this is now possible. Presentation of a tool with interesting potential that could quickly become “mainstream” on the web. [article non sponsorisé, né d’un coup de foudre]…

Content Marketing and Curation

Content curation has an important place in the content strategy. It is a question of recommending interesting and useful content to its majority audience via social networks in order to position itself as an expert and tobe seen as a source of trust.

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This has an impact on the image of the company or the individual who does this curation. In the medium and long term, this tactic also aims to increase the number of followers or fans in order to benefit from a more interesting range when we distribute content to ourselves to generate leads (prospects) and have new ones. clients.

Only the characteristic of the curation is precisely to recommend third-party content and therefore not to benefit from this traffic at first (unless you book part of its own site). It is also difficult to measure if this curation really brings a plus to the company, since it is difficult to realize if one is perceived as an expert or not …

I present to you…

The Sniply URL shortener allows you to integrate a CTA in shared content

A short while ago, I came across an article by a not-so-well-known German blogger who recommended a URL shortener. Nothing special so far. I went to his article to find out what this tool had more than the others and it only took me 30 seconds to realize that could become a very important tool for many of us!

What is it and how does it work?

The Sniply URL-shortener works on the same principle as for example bitly or the google service. After creating an account with a Login via Twitter, you can shorten the URL and benefit from statistics on the number of clicks on this URL. What makes this tool particularly interesting is the fact that one can integrate a Call-To-Action thanks to the generated address!

Founder Michael Cheng, born in Hong Kong and arrived in Canada at the age of 7, explains:

“I got the idea for when I was working for a startup and sharing content on social media. I had no way of tracking the ROI of my efforts. I also realized that this was the case for anyone doing curation: how to justify a return on investment? This ROI must have some form of conversion and for there to be a conversion, I had to work with Calls-To-Action. So I worked on sniply … “

The service, just launched in March this year, already has a large number of users from diverse and varied industries. Regardless of the sector of activity, seems to meet real demand on the market!

See for yourself:

This Call-To-Action is customizable:

  • By its shape (3 options)
  • By its color
  • By its position (either at the bottom of the page or on the left side)

And for all those (whom I see coming from afar) who will point out that they already use a service like Hootsuite for sharing: there is a Chrome extension for Sniply and she integrates into Hootsuite!

A pro account also allows you to further personalize Call-To-Action.

Attention: use intelligently!

I do not think it would be wise to use it systematically to recommend the last product or service that you offer or to insert the home page of your site in CTA, since if the person comes across the content because ‘she follows you, she knows very well the address of your home page …

On the other hand, I’m willing to bet that it often happens that you think “well, I’m going to share this article, it complements our blog post well about …”. Unfortunately, it is not possible to link the two to show that we have also produced interesting content on the same subject. With Sniply it becomes possible!

Inbound marketing logic, it becomes particularly interesting as a method of recommending your own content and it is also quite possible to promote your latest white paper by inserting a Call-To-Action leading straight to your Landing Page, which will allow you to generate Leads.

Finally: Sniply also proves that they are attentive to fans and relayers, as evidenced by the tweet that they were quick to send me after the expression of my interest. Pleasant as a surprise:

On that … to your snips, ready …