▷ Copy the strategies of DropBox and multiply by 3 your number of prospects 2020 -

We will see how to use the marketing strategies used by Dropbox and other web giants to acquire thousands of users on your site …

In this article, you will discover among others:

– The marketing strategy to be implemented immediately to multiply your number of users / prospects by a minimum of 3;

– The 2 plugins to install for transform your prospects into ambassadors which will bring you dozens of users.

No matter the size of your business and your industry, no matter if you are a big or a small business, you have the same problem as all online businesses: you must acquire a maximum of customers at lower cost!

A blogger always wants more readers, a mobile startup always wants more downloads, an e-commerce site also wants more customers, etc. How to explain that some companies manage to develop at lightning speed while others just manage to get out of it.

Why 95% of companies know nothing about customer acquisition and how not to repeat their mistakes.

When it comes to finding new customers, almost all businesses say the same thing: we’re going to advertise.

Ok, it’s important to advertise if you can afford it and if you know your conversion rates well enough to know that it will be profitable. But there are big problems with internet advertising:

  • It is less and less profitable because the prices of costs per click and others continue to skyrocket;
  • It’s very difficult to convince a user who does not know you at all;
  • Internet users are paying less and less attention to advertisements and ad blocking extensions don’t help;
  • When you advertise online most of the time the margins are ridiculous or even non-existent. Many companies advertise at a loss in the hopes of a hypothetical long-term return on investment. It does not work !

How to copy marketing techniques from Dropbox and others to multiply your number of users by 3 without advertising?

I am a fan of the DropBox service but I especially admire their marketing strategies.

Dropbox has understood very well how people work:

  • They always want more;
  • Most of them don’t want to pay and never will;
  • Most people like to tell their life story;
  • Most people are in search of recognition;
  • People like to do good business;
  • People like to be part of a group, of a community;
  • Most people prefer to spend hours doing something free rather than paying 10 €…

Dropbox has therefore built its customer acquisition strategy around these elements. They know very well that a very small percentage of their users will pay. So they make sure they always have more users and the more they have, the more some of them pay for the service.

When you sign up as a free user on DropBox, they don’t harass you asking you to pay. They offer you take actions to unlock features.

When you have created your account, you are told that you can save space by performing simple actions.

Then you have the option to gain additional space by performing other actions:


This is where I am coming from, you can certainly apply these techniques in your own business. For example, take my domain. I sell video training and software.

I have free training, other paid courses and I have free versions of my software and others are paid.

This is what I can set up. I list all of my content (free and paid) and, of course, I know my conversion rates. That is to say, I know that each visitor who comes to one of my landing pages earns me X euros.

If I know my metrics well, I know that, for example, each visitor who comes to my site brings me 3 €.

I can determine lists of actions to be performed by users that will allow them to unlock functions.

  • Invite your friends : if 10 of them register (value € 30) I offer this training worth € 30;
  • If 30 of them register I offer you training worth 90 €;
  • Share this video on Facebook: I offer you a free video;
  • Share this video on Twitter: I offer you a free video;
  • Leave a comment of at least 100 words: I offer you a free video;
  • Leave a testimonial : I offer you 3 free videos;
  • Come back to my site every day: I offer you one video per day;
  • Subscribe to my site’s newsletter: I offer you 5 videos;
  • Etc …

How do you put these marketing strategies in place in your own business?

There are various online services that allow you to implement this type of strategy on your site. I will introduce two of them.

The first is Invite Referrals

This online service allows you to create recommendation campaigns. You can create different types of campaigns such as offering discount coupons if a certain number of people register, unlocking software functions if X people register, etc.

invite referral

Here are some examples of actions that have been taken by clients.

campaign recommendations

It is quite possible to have these types of tools developed to suit your own needs. It will certainly cost you much less because the service is not given. You can use it for free up to 30 new registrants per month. Beyond that, the service starts at $ 19 per month and the average is $ 59 per month up to 500 new registrants per month.

The WordPress Onepress social locker plugin

I use this plugin and I am very happy with it. The principle is simple: Internet users must click a social share button to access your private content.

I post these functions after registering on my sites. Internet users fill out my form and arrive on a page that contains the first free video I promised them. Under this video, I tell them that they can access a new video if they click on one of the 3 sharing buttons (Twitter, Facebook and Google plus).

onepress social locker

Of course, the link they share is the one on my landing page which contains my form.

You can install Onpress Social locker for free.

Of course, there are many other ways to do it, but this one has proven itself for many companies.