The ability of a commercial website to turn visitors into customers depends on a number of factors: design, usability, page load times, and more. But the most important thing is often taken lightly. This element is copywriting, that is to say writing texts …

However, if there is one point that you need to work on your site, this is it. A successful design will entice visitors to browse your pages, but your texts will convince them to buy you something.

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Today i will give you 7 keys to fascinate your readers (the number 7 is in the spotlight, but you don’t see any sign of it, it’s pure chance 🙂).

1. Desire and passion

It is the basis to convince your readers. We try to think rationally about our purchases, but our purchasing motivations are emotional and emotional. This is why it is difficult for us to decide on a major purchase. It is not enough for us to rationally evaluate each parameter to automatically obtain a choice to make. In the end, we make our choice based on our feelings, we buy if we “feel”.

To successfully convince on the Internet, you must therefore talk to the emotional side of your readers, and for that you have to put emotion and passion into your copywriting yourself.

This advice is valid whether you are addressing individuals or companies: even if your customers are multinationals, in the end, they are people who will read you and decide whether to buy.

2. The mystery

One of the most powerful drivers of the human mind is curiosity. The best way to captivate your readers is to say just enough to interest them, but not to reveal everything so that they remain hungry and want to know more.

Think of the automakers. The designs of their cars are patented, so they could show their new models during the testing phases, but they are much more talked about by hiding them, and playing cat and mouse with auto journalists who are looking for to get exclusive images.

Good copywriters don’t say too much at once. Almost no one is ready to buy the first time they visit a website. So, reveal things little by little. The goal is to say enough at each stage to interest your prospects and make them want to go further.

3. Domination and power

We have an ambivalent relationship with power. We do not like those who own it and display it, but at the same time we value them. Consumers want competition because they know it is good for them, but they prefer those who dominate their market when it comes to buying.

If you are a leader in your market, your copywriting must show it. Not by bragging or belittling others, but by giving objective information that will show your success and the quality of what you offer.

4. The urgency and the fear

The information relayed by the mainstream media is systematically anxiety-provoking. That’s what makes many people follow them even though they don’t not the slightest interest (another horrible murder that took place somewhere in England does not impact the life of the average citizen, who himself has no influence on the events).

Indeed, an automatic reaction to stress and fear allows animals to flee dangers quickly and stay alive. This behavior is therefore ingrained in our brain since the beginning of the human race, and you can use it.

The idea is not to stress your customers and make them lose all their means to manipulate them, but to find sources of anxiety and the frustrations behind their expectations, andadapt your copywriting to respond.

A famous example of this strategy is that of Domino’s Pizza. Several years ago, they investigated the main frustration of their customers. And they discovered that it had nothing to do with their pizza, but that it was due to the factwait for the delivery man without knowing exactly when the pizza would arrive. And they decided to answer it by making the following promise to their customers: if you wait for your pizza for more than 30 minutes, we offer it to you. All their communication was thus based on this guarantee: not on the taste of their pizzas, their size or the origin of the ingredients, but on the duration of the delivery. All they promised was to deliver them in less than half an hour, a strategy that made them successful.

5. Pride and prestige

Prestige is which arouses admiration in certain situations. There are many sources of prestige: the authority or power you hold, the money you have, your status as an expert on a specific subject, a talent you have … We all like to be admired, and your prospects do not are no exception to the rule. If what you offer them can in any way bring them prestige, you have to show it to them.

Copywriting that plays on the pride of the reader is a great way to sell, but also of talk about you and get that famous buzz that so many entrepreneurs rely on without knowing how to cause it.

6. Reliability and trust

We appreciate what is reliable, what is regular, what we know well. These things bring us serenity, because they allow us to remove uncertainty by anticipating what will happen to us.

You have to do everything to be seen by your prospects as a reliable partner, like someone who can be trusted when they make a commitment. For it, first be honest : only make commitments that you are able to keep. Another important point, bring proof of everything you say.

Your copywriting should also be consistent with your values ​​and your image, and constant over time. Feel free to put your slogan, your value proposition or your key message on several different pages. Thus, those who visit your site will find everywhere a coherent speech which will be fixed in their mind.

7. Rebellion and anti-conformism

We all have our little guilty pleasures, things we shouldn’t do, but we like. Also, we live in an ever more normative society, where we are constantly told what to do and what not to do, what to say and not to say, and even what to eat and do not not eat. Go against the established order and being a little irreverent in your copywriting is therefore a good way to attract your readers’ favors.

It is a posture to privilege in particular if you are not not one of the leaders in your market. Introduce yourself as one who is different from others, who does not do things like everyone else, who upsets old customs and the order of things.

You can even become the champion of your customers, the one who defends their cause against practices or prices which are unfavorable to them. It’s Free’s strategy that is seen not only as the troublemaker of telecoms, but also as a defender of consumers and their purchasing power. To see these techniques in action, discover these 40 examples of catchy titles

As you can see, there are many ways to make your texts more catchy and fascinating. So, to your keyboards!

And you, what means do you use to make your texts more catchy?