Covid-Bot is another innovative way to fight the Covid-19 and fake news on the pandemic. Developed by the French specialist in the editing of chatbots Clevy, this anonymous virtual agent answers all the questions of Internet users on the Coronavirus …

A free and united service

Like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and even Google, many companies decide to fight the coronavirus in their own way. Clevy therefore decided to devote himself to Covid-bot, a conversational agent developed in open source. Faced with the many fake news, it communicates reliable information on the Coronavirus, serves in addition to self-diagnosis for Internet users and can even generate a travel certificate.

Trainer training

Available since March 11, 2020, this chatbot is updated daily according to the recommendations of health authorities such as the Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Institut Pasteur. An excellent alternative to a phone call, like the 15. Since the beginning of April, Covid-Bot has already registered more than 105,000 users with more than a million messages exchanged.

Practice in the face of the scale of the health crisis

The Covid-Bot is easily accessible via the site developed by Clevy, but also on WhatsApp, Twitter or Messenger. To best respond to Internet users, the chatbot learns about its profile (age, height, weight, etc.) and the symptoms it thinks it has. The result of the self-diagnosis then offers three possibilities: “risky case” directed to a call to 15, “suspicious case” encouraged to practice telemedicine and “not risky” directed to a treating doctor.

In any event, Covid-Bot is not a medical device and therefore cannot deliver any medical advice. Faced with the magnitude of the current health crisis, the general public and businesses can be supported at any time.