When you don’t know much about it and you don’t have a big budget, but you are a little resourceful, creating your own site is a credible alternative. That’s when Wix’s name rings out in your head (I could very well have chosen 1 & 1, the trial would be the same, but it fell on Wix) …

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But yes, I’m sure you’ve already seen their spot on TV or between two YouTube videos. Wix is ​​the giant of website creation. A tool that has conquered millions of users and sites all over the world!

If Wix is ​​the world leader and millions of customers trust it, it is necessarily a relevant choice to create its site, right?

Well no ! As my English teacher said: he is a false friend! At least if you expect your site to bring you customers

What can attract you to Wix

Although I have a rather negative opinion on Wix, I will still list the positive elements of the solution. And whatever I may think, there are many:

  • Unbeatable pricesthe advantages of wix are numerous
    This is the number one argument of the tool. Wix’s prices are unbeatable. Only a few euros / month (even free), who says better?
  • Super fast registration
    To create a site with Wix, you only need an email address and a password. Then you just have to create your first pages …
  • Many models available
    The Wix theme library (as it should be called) is full. Choose from the hundreds offered and classified by theme.
  • Disconcerting ease of use
    When you use Wix, you use an easy-to-use CMS. You do not need to know the technique and the computer science: you will not touch any line of code! Creating pages is really child’s play!
  • A really great design
    With the Wix site builder, you will feel like you have become a web designer. You will easily be able to create great sites, with very nice effects.
  • A professional aspect
    A site built with Wix can easily compete aesthetically with the work of an agency. You know nothing about it and yet you have created a professional site, at least in appearance …
  • All inclusive accommodation
    Hosting is an important part of the proper functioning of your website. But it is not necessarily within everyone’s reach. Wix offers comprehensive and easy to understand offers. It avoids asking too many questions (is that really an advantage ???)

Who is Wix for?

I would be tempted to answer this question with a simple: ” To those who know nothing about it “, But that would surely be far too simplistic.

So I will try to push a little further in my thinking.

Wix is ​​a simple, fast and inexpensive solution. Those who read me regularly must see me coming … Problems with skills, time and resources? We are going to talk about very small businesses.

Well, indeed, the solution is mainly addressed to TPE executives and freelancers. At least his arguments especially appeal to this type of clientele. Even if of course all the companies wishing to create a website (which is useless) constitute potential targets.

What should make you run away from Wix

I usually consider a website not as a communication tool (at least not only …), but as a lever for commercial development. Its role should therefore be to regularly bring you prospects, customers and therefore turnover. And to this little game, a site created with Wix is ​​absolutely useless !

A Wix site is unreferenceable!

Here are some concrete arguments to support my speech:

  • A Wix site is unreferenceablebut the disadvantages of wix are even more numerous
    I challenge you to find me a site built with Wix appearing on the first page of Google on a request other than the brand name … Here is (among others) why it is impossible:

    • Most of the tags are used for graphic and non-technical purposes. To put it simply, the H1s are used to write larger than the H2s, etc. On default themes, it is often (always) a disaster (H3 before H2, several H1, etc.). Of course, that changes, but you still have to know it, and by definition a Wix user does not know all that…
    • On the free version (the most used) your site is built in sub-domain of wix.com: yourname.wix.com. It is, basically, incompatible with a good natural referencing!
    • In many cases, the content of the pages is loaded via JavaScript. It may not mean anything to you, but it makes Google’s job more complex, and that’s not good at all …
    • Wix is ​​an Israeli company. Its servers are therefore (like 1 & 1 for example) based abroad. However, it is strongly advised not to host a site in one language in a country of another language. Clearly if you host a French site abroad, Google may blacklist it.
  • A professional site with advertising, seriously?
    In the first formulas (free and paid) Wix inserts advertising on your site. They are everywhere. The consequences are numerous: lower conversion rate, user experience, company credibility, etc.
  • A site that is too rigid …
    Unlike wordpress (which I encourage you to use for the creation of your site) Wix is ​​not an Open Source solution … You will not benefit from the advice and developments of an active community. You cannot add anything yourself, you are forced to do with the solutions offered by Wix and only these. And believe me, they are not all effective…
  • Your site is not really your site …
    It comes back to open source. If you create a site with Wix you commit yourself for the life (of your site). When you want to leave Wix, you can’t take your site (and everything else) with you. You will have to start from 0 (you tell me, it may not be worse …)

Do you want your site to bring you customers? Go your way!

To conclude, I’m going to try not to be as negative as I want to be.

Wix maybe is an interesting solution (yes yes I said) if you want to create a site yourself, quickly and for a negligible investment.

A Wix site is beautiful but it is useless!

You can even pretend have a very nice site which will surely cause good reactions from your visitors (if you are lucky enough to have them).

The problem is thata Wix site will be unable to bring it to you. You will therefore have to print a lot of flyers and spend a lot, a lot of money on communication to allow you to attract a little traffic to your site.

This dramatically drops Wix’s value for money (and it makes absolutely no sense strategically) …

If, on the other hand, you want to take care of your presence on the web and make your site the engine of your commercial development, you must flee!

Finally, never forget that it is always more expensive to spend 4 € / month for a simple “e-prospectus” than to spend thousands of euros to obtain several tens of prospects each month …

Of course, you have the right to disagree with me, and I am looking forward to your reactions. ??