You see more and more people offering an ebook for sale or even as a gift and you wonder why? Well, it’s actually quite simple: to develop their business …

How will an ebook develop your business?

The main purpose of a business is to make a profit. To develop your business, you will have to increase it in order to be able to reinvest or earn more.

This is where our ebook comes in! An ebook is not necessarily going to increase your profit just on its own sales. You can imagine that an ebook at 17 euros for example is not going to make you win big.

But in reality, this is not the purpose of our ebook. In general, when you decide to write an ebook to develop your business, it’s for a whole other reason. An ebook actually goes either serve as a calling product, either allow to attract new people in your community.

  • Call product: a calling product is going to be the first product that a potential future customer will buy from you. An ebook is a very good calling product, because it will present you, but also already give a taste of your services, and all this for cheap. So people won’t be reluctant to buy it;
  • Attract new people: offer your ebook as a gift to attract potential new customers. Or just let different platforms such as the Amazon Kindle sell your ebook to attract new people to your business.

Once your ebook is sold, an average of 10% of your readers will buy one of your other 10x more expensive products. It is therefore so that you can develop your business around an ebook.

How to write this ebook?

You can imagine that writing an ebook on the adventures of George is not going to bring you many customers back to your business.

So write something related to the theme of your business. Do you offer to reduce people’s stress? So describe in this ebook one or more solutions to reduce people’s stress.

here how you will compose your ebook in order to attract as many people as possible:

  • First : About you: Describe yourself: who are you? What do you do for a living ? Why did you create this business? etc. ;
  • Second: About this ebook: Describe your ebook: what will it bring to readers? What makes it different, etc. ;
  • Third: Content: here is the most important part of your ebook. Your content is going to be one of the main keys to attracting your readers to know more about you and your products. You will already have to change their lives in your ebook! How would you tell me? Simply by proposing concrete actions to be carried out. For example, to be in better shape, you will say “do 30 minutes of this exercise per day”, etc. When your readers have finished reading your ebook, they should never think about it again, they should always have remembered something important. If so, and you’ve helped them, then they’ll care about you and your other more expensive products.
  • Fourth : To go further: You simply go to this part (which you should definitely not forget) give all your links to your social networks, other products, training, etc.

For more information on the table of contents, see this article.

What is the best application to use for the layout of the ebook?

Before giving you the application that will allow you to do your layout without messing up everything on your smartphone or tablet, let me give you a few tips.

First, when you write your ebook do not worry your spelling or layout mistakes, spaces, images, etc. You’re going to waste a lot of time writing. Write your entire ebook all at once, and at the end only, do the layout.

Personally, I even advise you to delegate the layout for a hundred euros, because I can assure you that re-reading your ebook 2-3 times and doing the layout is going to be a long chore, especially since you already know your ebook by heart!

In short ! Let’s go back to the layout app. So, this isn’t really a layout app, you’ll just write your ebook on it. This app is simply word processing available on Google Drive.

In addition to saving your ebook, you will especially have no conversion problem with this app. If you prefer Word, however, write everything on Word, then copy and paste your raw ebook (without layout) on the word processor of Google Drive.

Is it possible to add illustrations to the text?

It is quite possible to add illustrations to the text of your ebook, you can even add links to videos, other pages, your social networks, etc.

Do not forget to put your illustrations on Word so that they do not end up in the middle of the text when publishing on Amazon Kindle for example.

What is the preferred language for the text?

There is not really a preferred language, that’s fine depend on your target with your ebook. If you create an ebook for your business and the people who follow you, write it in French if they are French.

If you want to publish a manga, then write a Japanese version and a French version, because 90% of manga are first known in Japan and then in England, etc. So choose according to your target.

What are the major constraints (technical, fiscal …) linked to the publication and the sale of the ebook that the author may have to face?

1) When you go to publish your ebook on the Amazon Kindle which is the platform where the most ebooks are sold, you will first of all not benefit from the full sale price of your ebook.

Depending on the sale price, you will have a royalty of either 70% or 35%.

  • 70% between 2.99 and 9.99 euros;
  • 35% below 2.99 and above 9.99 euros.

Royalties change depending on the platform on which you sell. Be well informed when you complete this part.

But as said, it is not the gain in sales of your ebook that will interest us. We are not here authors wanting to make a living from our ebooks, but entrepreneurs wanting to attract customers through this ebook.

I therefore advise you to put your ebook at the lowest possible price in order to reach a maximum of people. For my part, I often use 2.99 euros for small ebooks and 9.99 or 27 for larger ones.

2) Before you need to publish your ebook, you need to enter your tax information, TIN number etc. I’m not going to dwell on the subject. But if you are a student and you do not have one, use the auto entrepreneur system and you can then answer all tax questions.

3) Copyright: Sometimes there can be multiple disputes with some people trying to steal your ebook or take over parts for commercial purposes.

If you’ve created your ebook yourself and haven’t copied or been heavily inspired by someone, you are protected against counterfeiting and can file a complaint. For more information on this subject, go to this article: How to protect your ebook from counterfeiting?

In short ! If you want to start writing an ebook to develop your business, know that writing an ebook without any knowledge on the subject is not going to bring you great results.

Don’t be among the 90% of authors who take time to write an ebook and ultimately publish it poorly, optimize nothing and ultimately make almost no sales.

Train and learn to write the content well, to publish the ebook well to sell it as soon as it is published and make it known!