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Are you an expert or a coach and want to develop your activity beyond your consulting services? Creating an online training offer can be a great way to grow your business. Thanks to this type of offer, you can reach a national or even an international clientele without leaving your home. In this article, discover all the essential steps to get started serenely …

To create your elearning offer, you will need an LMS. What is an LMS? Learning Management System is a tool that allows you to manage the whole learning process of open distance learning (FOAD). Source: Wikipedia.

The LMS allows you to structure your different training content. For our part, to manage our learning offer, we use Learnybox.

The advantage of Learnybox is that it goes far beyond a simple LMS and that it supports you in all stages of the marketing of your offer. But before presenting it to you, I suggest a checklist to calmly develop your online training activity.

Checklist for launching its online training offer

  1. Identify your niche according to your area of ​​expertise (more info by reading this article).
  2. Respond to a recurring problem in its niche via an online training program.
  3. Create your training in digital format.
  4. Create a sales tunnel to transform your prospects into customers for your online training.
  5. Promote its sales tunnel via digital levers and webinars.

Learnybox supports you to your goal!

Let’s discover the tool together.

1: Create your elearning platform

Learnybox allows you to create your online training in a 100% personalized way, from design to content.

The editor allows you to easily modify all the elements of your site in order to obtain the result you want. You can very easily add different blocks such as videos, MP3, text, images, files to download, surveys, quizzes and more…

Example on one of our modules where we have text, video, resources to download and a button to our forum:

Create online training with Learnybox

Here, no need for notions of HTML, everything is easily customizable without technical knowledge, the tool was really designed to do everything easily.

Once your training has been created, your trainees will have a member area where they can find the different modules of your training. Several tools will allow you to easily manage the relationship with your members: a support area, member notifications, etc.

Another great thing to motivate people who follow your training: gamification system which allows members to be rewarded as they progress in training:

gamification training learnybox tool

2: Sell your training online

This is where Learnybox will differentiate itself from a simple LMS platform. The solution gives you all the tools to sell your training online.

Sales tunnel and email marketing

Starting with a sales tunnel system. A sales tunnel is the basis of any online business which works. It allows a visitor / prospect to go through several stages until the sale of your training online.

Again, Learnybox offers a tool for creating a sales tunnel that is very easy to use.

You can create one or more sales tunnels, make AB testing and connect this tool to your email marketing tool. Speaking of email marketing, if you don’t already have a tool, Learnybox also offers email marketing and automation features for your marketing sequences.

Generally, a sales tunnel will consist of 3 pages:

  1. The capture page, a page where you ask the person their email in exchange for a free product / lead magnet (ebook for example).
  2. The presentation page of the offer.
  3. The order page.

You will be able to easily create your tunnel and follow the performance of the different pages that compose it.

Example here the Learnybox editor and our capture page:

Learnybox online training sales tunnel

Webinar system

Webinars allow you to offer quality content directly to your prospects in order to convince them to follow your training. It is a formidably effective marketing method for selling your training online.

An all-in-one system lets you create and host your webinars.

You can create a webinar registration page via the sales tunnel we just saw and animate it live.

During the webinar, a chat is made available to participants, you can also trigger surveys and of course a sales page for training. Once the webinar is over, you can submit a page with replay.

You will also have access to a detailed report on the participants:

Webinar Statistics with Learnybox

Optionally, you can also create auto-webinars, pre-recorded webinars that can be triggered automatically and followed 24 hours a day by your prospects.

Affiliate system

Last hyper interesting tool to develop the sales of your online training: the affiliate system. Learnybox makes it easy for you to create an affiliate program, track and compensate your partners’ sales.

In conclusion

Learnybox is really the solution while allowing you to create and sell your training online.

It will be perfect for infopreneurs and training organizations wishing to digitize.

Several offers are available. The most common being that at 99 € per month allowing you to create up to 4 training sessions, to have an unlimited number of members, 4 webinars, tunnels and unlimited affiliations and up to 100,000 contacts in your database. What to develop your online training offer serenely.

There is also a free discovery offer which will be perfect for testing the tool, it allows you to do 1 training for 3 members, 1 sales tunnel and up to 250 contacts.

You know what you have left to do !

Take action and start creating your online training offer today.

Click here to go to the Learnybox site.

Article written in collaboration with Learnybox