▷ Create impactful content in no time: a few tips 2020 -

Do you also spend an inordinate amount of time creating the content that feeds your website? Marketers and other communications officers know this well: with great content, great efforts. However, some figures may cast doubt on the effectiveness of this work: most readers only browse 60% of an article on the Internet! We still advise you to finish reading this one, which will give you a few keys to what is content that retains the internet user and advice on not wasting your time creating it …

Choose your subject: think Inbound!

Creating quality content is above all looking for a topic that will interest readers and opening up avenues for reflection that may lead, thereafter, to a growing interest in your product or services. In this sense, we immediately think of Inbound marketing: your objective is to respond to the problems encountered by your prospects and therefore to center the content around a single theme that challenges these questions.

Get inspired by innovative methods of content marketing and digital prospecting! As a particularly enlightening article on the Hubspot blog advises, it is interesting to turn this theme into a question to which Internet users will want to answer with a big “yes!” Indicates that they are potentially interested in your services.

Choose a unique theme will also allow you to save precious time, by not deviating from the subject of your content, but also from determine the keywords beforehand that will make your web page SEO-friendly. Write down these keywords in a document that will remain before your eyes: they will be the ones who will welcome the fat that goes so well with the color of your content!

Finding your information: collecting impactful data

Now that the big question around which your content is going to be posed as well as the keywords that correspond to it, it’s time to gather the information that will be at the heart of your page. As a diligent marketer, you have already certainly set up a permanent monitoring system that allows you to sort information by groups of themes: that’s perfect!

To save time, the first thing is to collect information in bulk, via search engines and social networks. By bringing them together in a single file, one after the other, you will gradually see several major themes emerging that will allow you to skim those that are repeated or are less interesting, to keep only some in “parts” which will later form the different “chapters” of your content. At this point, do not hesitate to use and abuse colors, bullet points, highlighting and bold, because the human brain works by sensations. You will pre-chew her for an easily avoided headache. So the goal is to start highlight information that seems particularly impactful to you. Vary the formats: case studies, business cases, examples, figures to appeal to your reader and give credibility to your web content.

Another considerable time saver will be in the fact of searching, at the same time as the information which will be found in the body of your content, the links and the images which will escort it. Store the URLs in the same place as the elements they brought to you and already save the different images that could stick to your theme: this will make it easier for you, ultimately produce documented and illustrated content, with great added value, whether it be an email or a blog article.

Create your content: striking headlines, for an incisive pen

Now comes the time to be literate: you will enter the phase of creating your content. You have before you large categories of information that will now have to be transformed into large “parts” of your page: find striking titles that will bring out the ultra-logical structure of your content. We prefer short and punchy titles, in the infinitive if they include verbs, or in the form of questions. One technique that avoids spending too much time on writing is that of the bullet point: sacrosanct savior of marketers in need of time, the bulleted list allows you to see at a glance the different elements that it you must develop later and be able to move from one part to another if white page syndrome occurs.

Another piece of advice that we can only promulgate too much: stay yourself! Descartes said among other things that “simplicity is the mother of beauty” … So, be Cartesian! You know the editorial line of your site, you know your product or your service, so you are best placed to talk about it: we avoid staying too long on the formulation of a sentence, we allow ourselves to be light, even humorous, and keep your pen as natural as possible. After all, if you’re responsible for creating your content, you’re worth it.

And to optimize your time, don’t forget to think globally either: writing doesn’t stop just with creating the content, but also continues after its publication. It is therefore essential to write from this moment the texts parallel to your content : meta description, hooks for social networks, alt-descriptions and captions of your images are to be taken care of at the time of writing.

By following these very practical tips, you have normally saved a fantastic amount of time … which you can move on to. read and re-read your content until no nasty shells show up there anymore. It only remains to integrate it into your CMS, where your preconceived template awaits you peacefully.