▷ Create your Community | Social Media Advice by CWT Advertising & co'm 2020 -

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn… Each social network has its own algorithm and operating mode. In terms of community creation, the main steps are common to all channels! Find out how to start your Community Management in 4 main points…

The marketing influence glossary

alt=”Marketing influence glossary” width=”280″ height=”176″ />Are you planning to launch a marketing influence campaign? How to create the conditions of trust and success between the brand, its partner, and influencers? Speaking the same language! It’s exactly for this reason that we set out to create this Marketing Influence Glossary. From the “influencer capsule collection” to the “fit influencer” to “KPI”, discover more than 50 definitions around this powerful communication lever.

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I- Create your identity on social networks

Before you think about increasing your counter followers, Make sure you take care of your image. Profile picture, cover, company information, visual and graphic charter … Have you thought of everything? The basics of your social profile are essential and will define the entirety of your community management.

You can’t afford to grow your community and then change your logo three times. You also cannot develop your network without having filled in all the information relating to your business. In short, your social identity must be optimal BEFORE you start growing your community.

II- Create and share content

No one wants to follow or subscribe to a blank page. Who are you ? What are you doing ? Why should we care about you? Set the scene in creating and sharing attractive content on your different social networks. Spend time work on your message BEFORE fetching your audience.

Your editorial line must already be well established as you embark on the hunt for followers. Preparing your communication on social networks beforehand, it guarantees solid foundations for the rest of your adventure. This will save you from having to correct errors several months after the launch of your networks!

III- Interact with your target outside your own page

Once your visual identity, your editorial line and your planning of publications established and followed, it is (finally) the moment to be interested in this famous counter of followers. How to get your target on your page? The answer is simple… You have to go get it! Social networks are different from traditional communication and marketing.

It’s not about promoting a service, but about create contact, link with your audience. It will be impossible to achieve your business objectives without having established a relationship of trust and proximity with your prospects.

Sure Instagram, research keywords related to your field of activity, and interact with other accounts ! Like, comment on publications, you will generate the interest of their authors (your potential customers!)

On Twitter, same principle ! Follow the trends, and join the conversations. Bring your experience, your advice, your informed opinion. On Facebook, the task is a little more difficult, but not impossible! Join interest groups related to your business, and provide honest advice with no ulterior motives. Creating the link with your community is done without commercial thoughts. The achievement of your goals will happen naturally, thereafter!

IV- Use advertising tools wisely

In addition to “natural” actions, advertising tools can help you grow your community. Targeting, for example, allows you to send the right message to the right person. By working on your sponsored publications, with an attractive and appropriate message, you will also attract new prospects. It is not mandatory to promote only your products! You can very well boost informative content, promote advice, blog articles … To increase your visibility and arouse the curiosity of your target.