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Because there was no simple and structured method to build its marketing plans… and even less to coordinate the whole of its acquisition strategy including also sales and communication… we invented the Acquisition Strategy Design ! In this article, I explain what Acquisition Strategy Design is and how you can, with Acquisition Strategy Design, build a marketing plan in a structured way …


What is Acquisition Strategy Design

The Acquisition Strategy Design is a systemic approach focused on the customer journey for:

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How did you do your marketing plans before the Acquisition Strategy Design?

When you search on the Internet for a method to build your marketing plan, you come across a very classic approach which looks in the best of cases like:

If all this makes sense, there was no structured method for points 2 and 3 before the Acquisition Strategy Design, namely:

  • Brainstorm to find new ideas;
  • Prioritize ideas.

This is what Acquisition Strategy Design brings by relying on a detailed understanding of the customer’s purchasing journey. In addition, the Acquisition Strategy Design is not limited to marketing, but is also addressed to the other professions of Acquisition: Communication and Sales. Because it is by building joint action plans that we succeed in implementing an efficient acquisition process that advances the customer throughout the seamless purchasing journey.

The 4 steps to build your Acquisition plan

1. The Canvas Acquisition

The Canvas Acquisition is an extension of Alex Ostervalder’s Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas:

  • The Business Model Canvas allows you to ask the right questions to build your Business Model. It’s strategic marketing!
  • The Value Proposition Canvas allows you to ask the right questions to build your value proposition. It’s product marketing!
  • The Canvas Acquisition allows you to ask the right questions to understand the purchasing path of its customers and build its Acquisition Matrix. It’s operational marketing.

You can download the Acquisition Canvas with its workshop facilitation guide here!

2. The Purchase Route

Once you have completed the Canvas Acquisition, you have all the elements to define the purchasing path of your customers and clearly distinguish:

  1. The client’s stages of maturity with the major moments to go through for him to become a client with you;
  2. The actions of the client which allow him to pass these stages of maturity;
  3. Customer emotions throughout the buying journey.

3. The Acquisition Matrix

Once the purchasing path has been defined, you can build your Acquisition Matrix.

The Acquisition Matrix corresponds to what you, as a company, set up in front of each customer action to help them progress in their purchasing journey:

  • Diffusion channels;
  • The operations to be carried out;
  • Intermediate KPIs;
  • The organization;
  • Information systems.

4. Prioritization of investments

Once all the operations listed in the Acquisition Matrix, it will be a question of prioritizing their implementation according to:

  • Your budget ;
  • Their difficulty of implementation;
  • Their return on investment;
  • Their proximity to the purchase, because the more impact a transaction will have on an action by the customer close to the purchase, the faster their return on investment.

This last step taken, you have a complete and structured Acquisition plan.

If this approach interested you, I invite you to download the first 2 chapters of my future book on Acquisition Strategy Design. If you wish to be accompanied to implement this methodology in your company, I also invite you to discover our Acquisition Strategy Design workshops.

In addition, from May 4 to 8, we are hosting the Acquisition Strategy Design Week – a week of webinars with 15 experts to understand your customer and help them progress through their buying journey to sales.