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Online training is popular … It must be said that this flexible format allows people wishing to develop new knowledge to learn at their own pace while often benefiting from cheaper costs than traditional face-to-face training …

We ourselves have a medium / long term project to offer this type of support, but that’s another story!

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Today, I invite you to discover together LearnyBox a startup offering a tool to manage both its online training and their promotions. Let’s discover it together…

Launched a year ago, the young startup has already convinced 850 customers and reached more than one million people through training. Not bad, but LearnyBox does not want to stop there, since they are launching today a new version of their platform presenting a major evolution in terms of ergonomics and design compared to the first version.

If you have ever considered launching online training, you must have come up against several brakes. Beyond the creation of video, audio or text content, you must:

  1. Offer a pleasant and interactive experience to its users;
  2. Have a monitoring system via assessments, quizzes, surveys;
  3. Have a payment system;
  4. Have a promotion system …

As you think about it, you will realize that you will need a certain number of tools connected to each other and a substantial budget in terms of web development.

This is where a solution like LearnyBox makes sense, in one tool you will be able to manage all aspects of your training.

Before going further, here is a video presentation:

1: Create online training materials

Starting with your training which will mix different types of separate content into different modules for progressive learning essential to encourage the learner to acquire knowledge gradually.

Everything is very simple, if you are used to using a CMS (WordPress or other), you will not be lost.

creation online training

People registered for your training will also be able to follow their progress in the program, which is motivating:

progression online training

2: Promote your training

You have passed the first stage of creating the content of your training. All right, now you’re going to have to promote it to acquire your first subscribers.

You then have several tools at your disposal:

1: basic but essential: the site and the blog. You can easily create content to present and promote your training directly from the LearnyBox interface.

2: affiliation: the system includes tools for setting up an affiliate program, so you can set up an affiliate network that will promote your training in exchange for compensation.

3: an autoresponder and sales tunnel system. No need to be knowledgeable in development to simply set up a sales tunnel and autoresponder system (automated mail serial system allowing the prospect to be gradually brought to the sale and then the customer to the various stages of training ).

online training auto-responder

4: landing pages here you go, the tool allows you to create landing pages in drag and drop mode without having any development knowledge.

landing page formation

5: conferences / webinars: nothing better than webinars to sell your training, LearnyBox has thought of everything since we can also manage this aspect directly from the interface.

6: a popup system and split testing. Marketers are going to be thrilled 🙂

The tool offers other ways to promote your training, the only limit being your imagination!

3: Manage the relationship with its subscribers

Last crucial step for the good development of your training: the relationship with your subscribed members.

You can first manage all the invoicing aspect, an online payment system is integrated into the tool, you can also manage all your customers’ requests via the CRM tool.

To follow the learning of your members, you also have at your disposal a system of quizzes, evaluations and surveys.

Finally, you can follow your results and have the pleasure of seeing your sales take off 🙂

follow sales training

To conclude

In short, Learnybox is truly an all-in-one solution for trainers, coaches and consultants who want to create, deliver and sell their training online. No less than 100 features are available (I obviously could not show you everything in this article)

The tool works in the form of a subscription from € 69 excl. Tax / month, which is very reasonable compared to the different costs that would have to be added by taking different tools to combine all the functionality of LearnyBox. And of course, you have a trial period to see if the tool is right for you before subscribing. In short, a must-have for all those wishing to embark on the online formation.

And as a bonus, joining LearnyBox also means having access to special evenings (LearnyNights)! Indeed, the company really wants to develop the human aspect and the exchanges with its customers. They even organized one of their LearnyNights in Dubai! Friendly.

In short, a French startup to follow and a great tool for trainers!

For more information, I invite you to visit their site.

Also discover the feedback from their customers:

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