▷ Creation of an information product: 2 mistakes to avoid 2020 -

It’s obvious, if you want get rich through the internet (and to your hard work), then you have to put your own products on the market and sell them to make maximum profit …

For my part, I use a simple and effective method when I am in the process of creating an information product. This method helps me to avoid the 2 main mistakes that can happen when we develop this kind of product.

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these two types of errors and why ABSOLUTELY recognize and avoid them.

Fall in love with your product

Falling in love with your product while you’re creating is probably the most common mistake costly that a creator can do. Creating a product is much like creating articles for a blog. Any blogger who aspires one day to be successful must write articles that will interest his readers. It may seem harmless, but many bloggers ignore their clientele for the benefit of their own good. They write articles on topics that interest them, but that do not interest their readers.

Take an example: I am passionate about music (more specifically the electric guitar), but I would not write never ticket on the new Fender guitar model coming to market.

The reason is simple…

This does not interest my readers!

Members of this community frequent this site because they are looking for information on the e-marketing, blogging, internet strategies, not on the new line of electric guitar…

Creating a product is no different.

Before deciding what type of product to create, you should have the pulse of your community and know its needs.

Your product must:

  1. Respond to a need for your prospect;
  2. Be a solution to a problem;
  3. Adjust an irritant for your customers.

If you manage to create a product or service that meets the conditions mentioned above, you will have much less trouble selling it when it is on the market.

The reason is simple…

It will have been designed FOR your client.

Do Nothing

Once you have chosen the type of product to put on the market, the second biggest mistake is … to do nothing. This may seem like a trivial point, but I guarantee you that a lot of people who want to be successful on the Internet fall for it.

It is not laziness that is responsible for procrastination when it comes time to create a product … it is the fear of failure.

In one of his many books (I believe it’s Purple Cow), the founder of Squidoo and speaker Seth Godin speaks eloquently of the cause of this fear of failure. He gives it a name: brain lizard (lizard brain).

According to him, the lizard brain is the little voice at the back that constantly tells us to:

  • Pay attention ;
  • Take his time ;
  • Compromise ;
  • Revise the product;
  • Delay its marketing;
  • Enter the ranks;
  • Etc.

According to Godin, the Lizard brain is responsible for many of the irrationalities of human behavior. And I agree with him!

We say we want one thing, but we do another. We say we want to be successful, but we make no investment to be successful. We say we want to create a product for our customers, but we always postpone it. We say we want to be thinner, but we continue to eat junk food.

The list is long…

You see the story … The contradictions never stop!

However, when someone shows up and acts without contradiction, we are flabbergasted. When an athlete is just playing their sport or a writer is just writing the words on the blank page, we are amazed at the purity of their actions.

How did they do it? They only left no place to their lizard brain.

The lizard brain is one of the oldest areas of our brain, it is located near its base and is responsible for fear, rage and desire to reproduce. The lizard brain will still be inside of you, but you can control it. Whenever there is a little voice inside you that seems to want to move away from your goal, identify it and ignore it. Once the little see is controlled, then continue to produce.

I hope that the identification of these two traps will help you when creating a new product or service. If this is the case, or if you have information on the subject that members of this community will benefit from, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment now.