▷ Creation of craft activity: is the installation preparation course (SPI) compulsory? 2020 -

If you start a craft activity, in some areas, you must demonstrate specific professional skills. There is another prerequisite related to the ability to manage a craft business. It’s about installation preparation course (SPI). Before you do your registration application at the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA), take the time to verify that your activity is actually classified as craft …

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Training & Co'm

Objective and content of the internship

The SPI was set up so that artisans have a minimum of information on the conditions for operating and managing a business : from the creation of the activity to its daily management, via funding. In 30 hours, this training must allow an artisan to know the main obligations and formalities to be fulfilled. The SPI must avoid craftsmen from being sanctioned for forgotten formalities or legal obligations.

Where and how to follow this internship?

The competent body to allow you to carry out this internship is your chamber of trades and crafts. To be registered as a craftsman, you will need to justify skills delivered by this internship. As such, the CMA is required to offer you an internship session within 30 days of your registration request. If the CMA does not meet this deadline, it will have to register your company in the trade directory.

The internship is chargeable. In 2017, it was invoiced at 194 euros, which could be paid for by the training council of the regional chamber of trades and crafts (CRMA).

Internship exemption cases

Under some jurisdictional requirements already acquired or training close to or equivalent to the content of the SPI, the artisans who settle down may be exempted from following the course. In 2017, two orders broadened the list of training and support actions. To benefit from the exemption, you must provide a certificate: certificate of education or training, diploma… It is advisable to consult your CMA to check that you can be exempted from following the SPI.

In addition, some CMAs propose to follow the online SPI internship. It is a good solution to save time if you already have notions of Business Management, but must still follow the course. An information meeting is compulsory before starting the internship. After the online training, a day is also necessary in your CMA to validate the internship and obtain the certificate.

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